1st Report Of Liquid .COM Domains (LL, LLL, LLLL, LN/NL, NN, NNN, NNNN, NNNNN)

GGRG Brokerage Consulting published the first edition of the Liquid Domains Quarterly Overview partnering with Estibot’s parent company Intelium and ShortNames.com.

This first report is focused on the 2nd quarter of 2016 and presents key statistics of the domains that are considered liquid in the domain name aftermarket.

There are separate sections for each liquid domain name category: LL.com, LLL.com, LLLL.com, LN.com / NL.com, NN.com, NNN.com, NNNN.com and NNNNN.com.

The report provides the percentage of domain name ownership of major regions (US, Europe, China, Rest Of the World), an overview of each category, sales activity and turnover and a forecast for the months to come.

Giuseppe Graziano said:
“Welcome to the first edition of the Liquid Domains Quarterly Overview, which focuses on the 586,848 .com domains we consider liquid. The objective of the report is to present key statistics and generate a debate amongst the industry stakeholders about the fair value of such domains. We hope you enjoy it and we encourage your feedback and participation for the next reports.”

The report forecasts a steady normalization in the LLLL.com domains, with Western Premium combinations trading closer to the more expensive Chinese Premiums.

5N dot coms are likely to continue to show substantial volatility in line with the changes in Chinese demand. Actual end user demand tends to be weak for random number combinations and for domains containing the number 4.

You can download the complete 12-page report here: http://ggrg.com/industry-report/

(OnlineDomain.com is a media partner of the Liquid Domains Quarterly report.)


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