CEOs of .Club & .XYZ Go On A Twitter Battle (“.CLUB will never sink to a penny!”)

It all started with a Tweet from Colin Campbell, CEO of .Club, then Daniel Negari, CEO of .XYZ, replied and the battle of the New gTLDs began!

Here is the timeline of the twitter battle:

Colin Campbell:

China investor pointed to Versign’s .COM keyword trends: CLUB 2X as popular as WANG/VIP – 20X over XYZ. @getdotclub


Daniel Negari:

The only thing club is better than Xyz is the spam charts. Play fair

Colin Campbell:

It’s a fact: Club is 20 times more popular than XYZ on Verisign’s keyword trends. You do have Hooli XYZ though 🙂

Daniel Negari:

just prefer to be friendly. Rising tide raises all boats 🙂

Colin Campbell:

We have done a lot i.e. DNA- I do agree on the boat rising. Just don’t want all the boats to sink to a penny 🙂

Then Colin replied to a tweet asking him “ Are you afraid that .club and GTLDs in general will all sink to a penny or is this just negative rhetoric?”.

Colin Campbell:

.CLUB will never sink to a penny!


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  1. Davidson Senior

    The only valuable .xyz is The rest are worthless.

  2. Very dubious graph from Colin Campbell given it is a chart of keywords, not extensions. xyz is not a popular term, I think everyone knows that.

    A more genuine comparison would be “.club” versus “.xyz”, not “club” versus “xyz”.

    • .club could have more registrants if they eventually get the setup of their idns properly.
      (preferably before touring asia )

    • I agree because in that report ‘clubE’ is also being taken as of word ‘club’ even if not apparent. it should be keyword ‘tld1’ , ‘tld2’

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