Now Accepts Domains For Auction has been making improvements in security, auctions and domain name management.

You can now have your domain name auctioned at the Pheenix platform.

  1. Pheenix now has made 2 Factor Verification optional

When they first introduced the new feature, they made it a requirement for users during the TRANSFER OUT, LOGIN, and REGISTRATION. This is a great feature to have to protect your account.

However, some customers prefer not to use this feature. Should you wish to have this feature turned on for your account, please email

  1. Ability to TRANSFER IN domains.

You now also have the ability to TRANSFER IN domain names to Pheenix.

  1. Ability to SELL domains in Pheenix auctions.

If you have numerical, short, or single keyword domain names, Pheenix may be able to list them in their auctions.  Please contact for more details.


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  1. FYI, 4 days ago I sent an email to Pheenix asking how the marketplace would work and this is what they responded:


    Thanks for your interest in selling domains on our platform.

    If you would like to sell your domain names on Pheenix, these would be the steps:

    1. You will need to become a Pheenix Verified Member.

    As a Pheenix Verified member, you enjoy a trusted status with trusted features.

    a. Ability to PUSH domain names to other Pheenix accounts immediately after you purchase a domain name.
    b. Ability to Sell domain names on our platform.

    In order to become a Pheenix Verified member, we conduct a series of checks. Once you pass the checks, you will begin enjoying the benefits immediately.
    In order to begin the checks, you’ll need a smartphone.

    2. Send us a list of domain names you wish to SELL.

    At the moment, we are only accepting domains that fall into any of the 3 categories:

    Single Keyword

    If your domain(s) are selected, they will be listed in our ‘Hot Auctions’ section for a 3-day public auction. For domain names that do not qualify for listing in ‘Hot Auctions’ we will have an option that we will launch soon.

    3. Transfer In the domain names to Pheenix. The cost will be $9.99/domain for com/net.

    a. You would need to unlock your domains and get the authcode.
    b. Use our ‘Transfers > Transfer In’ tab to transfer your domains into Pheenix. You can use the ‘Transfer In Status’ tab to monitor your Transfers.

    4. Once they are in your account, please let us know and we can confirm the auction schedule with you.

    5. If a reserve price is suggested, we will have a ‘Default’ bidder place a proxy bid up to the reserve price.

    6. Once the auction is over, you will receive payment credited to your account within a few hours after the auction is over…in most cases. (Unless there is suspicious activities which we would investigate.)

    a. Our commission is 15% of the final bid price.
    If you would like to get started, please do the following:

    Let’s get started

    Using your smartphone, please take a photo of your government id (such as a driver’s license or passport). Once done, please submit to us.
    Please make sure not to alter the photo in anyway or you would fail the check.

    Hope this helps and have a great day! We hope to make a lot of money for you.

    Warm Regards,

    Your Friends at Pheenix

  2. Did not submit your names to Pheenix! I paid the transfer fee’s, and they stole my money and never put my names in auction after agreed doing do. After numerous phone calls and emails, Tan the CEO will not get back to me, nor will refund my money. Again, don’t deal with these guys, they will ripped you off. Going to file a report with the authorities regard this. You guys been warned. I been in this industry since 1998, and this Tan guy is the worst of the worst.

  3. Tan was very concerned about the launch of the auction system and requested we sign an NDA. Never seen or heard anything like this in the industry regarding auctioning names. After all is said and done, we agreed to move forward for a test set of names to auction without an NDA. We went to start the transfer and funds have been already pulled from our account. He discussed that the system was still not ready to run a few hours later and cancelled the transfer. He mentioned he voided the charges, but they are still not showing up as refunded. Contacted him via email multiple times and phone calls. No response. There have been other threads on other forums talking about Pheenix’s business practices, so please be careful.

  4. The accusations being made above are very serious, I hold a few domains at pheenix, I will be transferring out right away.

  5. Here is some additional information about a member at Namepros that had issues. They may be resolved now, but why even get to that point?

  6. I hope my comment will not be deleted as it is off topic but related to pheenix service.

    I inquired with pheenix about the fees for freshdrop.


    The monthly fee is $19.95 USD shown on your site.

    Please clarify.



    We had raised our prices to $29.99/month months ago.

    Warm Regards,

    Your Friends at Pheenix


    Is this right or wrong?

  7. is the worse domain selling platform. We had very bad experiences with them.
    They can steal your domains and your money. They did before many times.
    Dont rely on them.
    If you want to sell your domain, Namejet is ok or SnapNames

  8. Hi All

    I had a few challenges with the pheenix system at various times. I even called up and spoke to customer service trying to resolve them. I was at my wits end trying to transfer out a name into my main registrar and had no success. Long story short when I thought I was not receiving any emails regarding the transfer they were all being blocked by my host email spam system. The pheenix mail server was on an ip black list. So I turned off my spam check at my host and started to receive the pheenix system emails.

    I also checked the pheenix ticketing system and every single email and response was sitting there – I couldn’t believe it and was relieved at the same time. I purchase names through the auction system, sometimes drop catch and transfer names now without a hitch. Also, to ensure I received every single email I created a web based email were every email is received even if it goes into the spam/bulk folder I can still find it.

    I don’t work for pheenix and was also as frustrated as some of you. They have never stolen money or domains from me and whenever there has been a glitch it was resolved withing 24 hours. Do yourself a favor and log into the ticketing system and if necessary call up and explain your situation and get some help.

  9. I just got an email from Pheenix that my domain has been scheduled for an auction. Two days left. We’ll see how it goes.

  10. We all know Tan Tran and Pheenix is a fraud. It’s up to the domain community to let everybody know this on all the forums, domain conferences etc. Many of us have proof so let’s not let more people get burned. Adam Dicker could of been stopped earlier of ripping people off but many people did not speak up. Now let’s do the right thing, and exposure Tan Tran and Pheenix for the fraud they are before he keeps stealing from people. IMO his fraud/scam is 100x worst than Adam Dicker, and it’s time we take a stand against the bad people in the industry, get them kicked out, get them arrested and put away for a long long time.

    • Why is so? I have 20+ domains dropcaught by them, a few already transferred out, never had a single issue. And support is really fast, friendly and helpful. If you have some facts, would you mind to share?

  11. Seriously from what I have seen so far, Pheenix might not be the best place to auction your domain.

  12. I agree with you Odira, but i thing phoenix is worth trying

  13. Auctioning my domain at pheenix has been exceptional.. the only problem has been the time factor

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