Pheenix Makes More Changes To Domain Auctions

pheenixPheenix announced more changes to its backordering platform.

Pheenix now support Alipay deposits.

This has been in the works for a while and Pheenix is glad they can offer this feature.

Effective September 7, auctions now start at the backorder price.  When the auction is over, you only pay the auction ‘high bid’ amount.

Before auctions started at 0 and then people would bid.  If the ‘high bid’ ended at $5 then the total price would be $5 + $18.95 = $23.95.

Moving forward, the auctions will start at $18.95.  Once the auction ends, you only pay for the ‘high bid’ from the auction.

Pheenix is in a transition period so some auctions which started prior to Sep 7 still have the old architecture, however, after Sep 10 all auctions should follow this guideline.

Public Auctions coming September 19th.

All domains that have multiple backorders on it will now be available for Public Bidding for any backorders being released on or after 2015-09-19.

As a precondition, if someone did not have a backorder on the domain name prior to it going to auction, their minimum bid is at least $59 in order to participate in the auction.


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  1. Didn’t like it when did it (making the auctions public), don’t like it now as well. It seems like a complete and utter waste to do extensive research to find a hidden gem along with 2 or 3 other bidders that in the end will go to a public auction with 50+ bidders… It makes more sense then to not backorder on pheenix at all and instead to only try to get the domain on a dropcatch platform which has a private auction.

  2. I am done with Pheenix now, the public auction model does not work for me. I will stick with Snapnames as they are doing much better and care about their customers. The only reason Pheenix is doing this is to help pay for the 100 new registrars they just put online. They think this will help offset the costs. Guess what, Snapnames will add 300 more so it will not make one bit of difference for Pheenix.

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