Domain Market’s New “Domain For Sale” Landing Page

Mike Mann’s has created a new landing page for its vast portfolio of over 250,000 domain names. doesn’t use PPC ads for its domain names. All 250,000 domain names redirect to a a “domain for sale” landing page.

The landing page in pretty simple but it has very interesting and extensive copy.

domain-market1There are some of the most interesting quotes from the new landing page:

What Are the Advantages of a Premium Domain?


Premium domain names are short, memorable and indispensable in today’s competitive online business world.

The average industry sales price is approximately $30,000.

SEO/Search engine traffic opportunity: Historically exact match keywords are rated higher in relevancy for search engine ranking. No advertising or traffic acquisition costs necessary for any web traffic, which is a natural resource owned by the domain name owner.

Instant authority and perceived market credibility, leadership and respect in your market space. This perceived market credibility increases the value of your products and services and drives profits.

Check out a live landing page at You can download the entire domain portfolio here.


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  1. Landing pages like this will be more important in the years ahead. PPC ads less so.

  2. I have just created a great Domain for Sale PHP script that supports multi domains and no database is needed.
    It is very easy to set up with a step by step tutorial document and requires no coding experience to change the theme easily.

    Please visit:

  3. a strong domain for sale landing page is the best way to sell your name. Balance btw just enough and not too much data is also key…a clean strong sales message

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