Company Accidentally Buys Domain Name For $400,000

You have heard of impulse purchases or drunk domain name registrations but this one is really remarkable.

Mike Mann, owner of, announced on Saturday on Twitter that he had just sold a $400,000 domain name.

Either I just sold a domain for $400,000 to a 20 yr old tech unicorn or someone just did the biggest hack ever on my web site.

mikemann1A unicorn is a start-up company valued at over $1 billion.

About an hour later he made a Facebook post saying the the purchase was an accident made with a credit card with no limit!

OK the answer is in, it is a 20-something year old tech unicorn with perhaps an unlimited credit card limit accidentally bought a very expensive domain from my web site, he says he was just researching domains and meant to purchase a different one etc etc………. no deal, ship


Mike Mann’s owns more than 260,000 domain names including domains like, and that is currently listed for sale for $2,000,000. lists its complete domain name portfolio with prices so here are a couple of candidates close to $400k: – $399,888 – $399,888

So we know the buyer made a mistake but we don’t know what was the domain that was actually bought after the mistake, if any. And I have never heard of a larger credit card refund. Have you?


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