Mike Mann Thinks Sales Of 2-Word .Com Domains Will Increase

Mike Mann made a Facebook post talking about a new trend he is seeing lately: two word .Com domains sales seem to increase. This is not something new. 2-word domains have always been selling but I think that Mike talks about something bigger here.

This is what he wrote of Facebook:

My theory was that investors would overdo a limited supply of single word .Com domains, and short alpha and numeric names for the Chinese market, which leaves a huge number of great, contextual, keyword, two word .Com domains for sale, usually at bargain prices. Now I am seeing a trend towards these sales, including 4 today to unique buyers: WisconsinWaters.com, MoreBeauty.com, GetBonus.com and SparklingSouls.com !!

And here is what he sold 2 of these domains for:

A more beautiful deal, Sold MoreBeauty.com $10,000. Purchased 9/13/09 $80.

I should get a bonus. Sold GetBonus.com $6000. Purchased 5.4.09 $80.

I really think that GetBonus.com was a steal at $6,000. And I don’t care about ROI when talking about this kind of names. This is not about what you paid for it. It is about what you can sell it for. And of course it is about carrying all the cost of renewing all the unsold domain names for years and all the other costs and of course making a profit at the end.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Do we think Mike’s thinking is influenced by his portfolio consisting of these exact type of domains?
    I hope he is right since I am holding the same type!

  2. I don’t think he has to go out of his away, I mean the guy could sell SEO.com, and never have to work again. Take it as free advice, if you have them in you already have your answer, sure aint GTLD’s they are asking for right now.

  3. Yup_ 2 wordy domains will rise in value as they are more descriptive and 4L domains will rise too..


    Didn’t I say that DN was shutdown by the Communist Party of China~!!!

    I have contacts in the corrupted party.

    Your Computer Engineering and Computer Science studies are worthless.
    I have the MBA from DFacademy from Dshepard and now I am earning 6 figures and on my way to becoming CEO of Ass-can

    Everybody has the MBA–my big A==sss

  4. I agree 100%. The value of two word .com domain names are going in only one direction. Up.

  5. Mike’s portfolio of 300k+ domains contains plenty of 2/3 word .coms. It’s a great niche market that as I’ve personally found produces sales sometimes higher than many generics or brandables.

  6. Agree with Mike as well. 🙂
    GetBonus.com was purchased by Parago, Inc., a rewards-based incentives company, now called Blackhawk Engagement Solutions.

  7. It should be noted these 2/3 keyword domains take years to nurture, and grow into the right end user sometimes, the carrying costs are not for the faint of heart. M M has a $2.5M annual renewal bill, with no parking income to offset that.

    My own portfolio at least parking covers 20% of it, which takes a bit of the sting out, someone like M M 20% would be $500K.

  8. He has sold millions of dollars of domains so I will leave it at that. Two words going to the money Esp if you have something that is a short two-word less than 12 Char.

    In regards to PPC income, well you better make sure your provider is showing your ads correctly on IOS.
    or that they even show up.

    Also re-targeting is where all the money is. You don’t get paid on re-targeting when you park your names but someone else does LOL, Look to redirect to affiliate programs.

  9. We have FundClient.com at BrandBucket and not even an offer on a pretty good 2 word name- so we’ll see how all this pans out.

  10. Hi Konstan… I visit your website almost on a daily basis for its content. Just wanted to tell you tho that your new site is too scripty and cluttered.

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