Heritage Auctions Domain Auction List: Quick.com, VE.com, Sex.co, X.biz

Heritage Auctions (HA.com) announced today the domain list for the 2016 April 19 Domain Names Signature Auction in San Francisco.

It will run until April 18th and then the live auction will happen on the 19th, taking the proxy bids into account.

You need to have a Heritage Auctions account (it’s free) to participate. Click JOIN NOW at the top of any page. It takes one minute.

Remember, they do have a buyer’s premium on each lot – it’s reflected in the bid price. Keep that in mind, bid accordingly.

ALL sales are processed through escrow.com this time.

Online proxy bidding is open now at http://domains.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=3369+793+794+792+2088+4294948375&ic5=CatalogHome-ActionArea-BrowseAll-071515

Here is the list of the 42 lots:

   Lot 1 » NJOQ.com
    Lot 2 » Beho.com
    Lot 3 » VVF.com
    Lot 4 » TitanSilver.com
    Lot 5 » Balloon.com
    Lot 6 » LQMS.com
    Lot 7 » Blaze.com
    Lot 8 » Sex.co
    Lot 9 » 720.com
    Lot 10 » Helicopter.com
    Lot 11 » GHFZ.com
    Lot 12 » 4 Letter dot com Portfolio. (LLLL portfolio)
    Lot 13 » Snowboard.com
    Lot 14 » Quick.com
    Lot 15 » KBTN.com
    Lot 16 » X.biz
    Lot 17 » WCM.com
    Lot 18 » Tablets.com
    Lot 19 » NP.net
    Lot 20 » OJL.com
    Lot 21 » VE.com
    Lot 22 » Z6.org
    Lot 23 » Release.com
    Lot 24 » FSMQ.com
    Lot 25 » Leash.com
    Lot 26 » GMK.com
    Lot 27 » DoctorateDegree.com
    Lot 28 » Jolt.com
    Lot 29 » Daiquiri.com
    Lot 30 » Timeless.com
    Lot 31 » XFactor.com
    Lot 32 » Sock.com
    Lot 33 » Dot.net
    Lot 34 » Townhomes.com – Plus Website and Traffic
    Lot 35 » WS.net
    Lot 36 » KLDN.com
    Lot 37 » Sit.com
    Lot 38 » BG.net
    Lot 39 » TartanJacket.com
    Lot 40 » IXUJ.com
    Lot 41 » Kitty.ca
    Lot 42 » SAXQ.com

Here is the description bt Heritage Auctions for the 42 domain lots that will be featured in the auction:

Quick.com | This is one of the first 100 domain names ever registered on the Internet. Original registration in 1987!
It’s also a perfect name for today’s “on demand” services.

Balloon.com | I love this one. It’s owned by the Apollo Group – who owns University of Phoenix.
Balloon.com offers the opportunity to use a simple object for your identity. Think of an app with a single floating red balloon for the icon.
Just like Target.com – you can use a single/simple object for your logo and brand.

Helicopter.com | Great name for the aviation industry or just a tremendous generic name representing “taking flight”.

VE.com | A two letter .com name, on auction, at the low end of the market.

Timeless.com | The reserve on this name is incredibly low. The name sold for $150,000 just one year ago. You won’t believe the reserve on this one!

Snowboard.com | NO RESERVE on this one. Great name for an outdoor site or a generic brand. It has the “cool factor” that everyone seeks.

Sit.com | Great three letter word. Care.com has a $213million market cap, and a majority of their business is babysitting. Sit.com could also be a brand for anything you need.

WCM.com | This has an incredibly low reserve and it is one of the best LLL names in existence.

Blaze.com | I love this one as well. It could be used for ANYTHING!

Jolt.com | Great name with an “action” connotation. It’s a perfect short word.

Sex.co | This might be the best “non .com” name in existence. We all know about the Sex.com sale. Sex.co receives around 1000 visitors a DAY!

LLLL Portfolio | Unique opportunity. The owner has 50 Chinese premium LLLL domains, and he’s allowing you to pick any 20 of them for a flat price. Your choice. Fun.

GMK.com | Super premium LLL dot com name with a reserve in the 20’s!

XFactor.com | Great name for a brand. Do you have the “X Factor” in your particular field?

“Other great names at auction as well are: Leash.com, Tablets.com (low reserve), Release.com (huge PR name), 720.com, Sock.com, Townhomes.com (with traffic, Google rankings and website), BG.net, WS.net, Beho.com (cool name) and more!

There are also some LLLL premium names with no reserve and some with low reserves.



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