Heritage Auctions Sells 13 Domain Names For $984,965 (NL.com $575,000)

heritageauctionsHeritage Auctions premium domains auction was held today at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and 13 domain names were sold for a total of $984,965 including the 15% buyer’s premium. NL.com sold for $575,000.

The auction featured only 29 premium domain names. (1 domain name was removed from the auction):

Domain Name Price Reserve
DiscountLuxury.com Not Met
Boho.com $11,500 SOLD
IGV.com $9,775 SOLD
Frisco.com $20,000 SOLD
MoneyBlog.com $1,840 SOLD
Import.com Not Met
NottingHill.com $7,475 SOLD
SIE.com $27,600 SOLD
Luxe.com Not Met
8.co $115,000 SOLD
Arts.org $10,350 SOLD
Stock.market Not Met
SmartWatches.com Not Met
Mouse.com Not Met
INZ.com Not Met
Corn.com Not Met
VMR.com Not Met
Quick.com Not Met
PXA.com Not Met
Future.com Not Met
NL.com $575,000 SOLD
Arcade.com Not Met
Portfolio of (84) three letter .net domain names Not Met
NYC.am and NYC.fm (sold together) $4,600 SOLD
NYC.lawyer Not Met
GXM.com Not Met
Classic.com $172,500 SOLD
ZIC.com $18,400 SOLD
QDE.com $10,925 SOLD










The Waldorf Astoria is located on Park Avenue, just a few blocks from Heritage’s NY office.


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Studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now living in Athens, Greece. Love domains and building websites. Went online in 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. Started publishing the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. What domain was removed from the auction?

  2. The auction is already over, wow didn’t even get a chance to look, but no way am I paying a buyers premium of 15%

  3. Most of the names are 3L.com’s those could have same at namejet at the same price, nothing impressive, NL.com mid 6 figures is expected, based on country code, other than 8.co nothing really impressive in terms of numbers, the auction house made their 30%

  4. NL.com – rather average or slightly low. In the right moment, with good brokerage approach, could be sold for +$1m. In Q4 2014 I turned down $0.5m offer for 2-letter .com representing a geo-location (not country).
    8.co – great price as for .co. You can drop me a line regarding 8.CN.COM if you like short numerics (contact at the parking page for the domain).

  5. Who bought nl.com?

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