.CLUB Sells $1,622,164 Worth Of Domains (including a 7-figure deal with a Chinese investor)

club-new-gtldNovember was a record breaking month for both regular .CLUB registrations and
premium name sales.

It was the registry’s first month with more than $1 million in Premium Name sales, with strong deals coming from two auctions, the registrar channel, registry direct
deals (including several portfolio deals) as well as through brokers and the aftermarket.

They began the month with the auction of twenty-five 2-letter names and one 1-letter name
(C.club) on EJEE’s EachNic.com platform in China. The fully bi-lingual (English and Chinese) auction was a great success, with all 26 names selling. Results of the auction, as well as a second successful auction on Sedo.com, are presented within this report below.

Total premium name sales for November, from all sources came to a record blasting

As of November 30, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium
.CLUB names came to $2,890,363.40. The highest single sale remains Wine.club at
$140,000.00, however November’s blockbuster sales include a 7-figure package deal to a
single Chinese Investor.

.Club introduced their tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015
and the registrar channel continues to be an active source of premium name sales for .CLUB.

The top premium tiers available through the registrar channel are names priced up to
$10,000. Higher value names are available through Sedo.com, Afternic.com, Right of the
Dot, and at Startup.club.

On December 16th, 2015 they will be releasing an additional 13,000 registry reserved names into the registrar channel as tiered premiums, including many never before available names.

This report presents all public registry reserved premium name sales that occurred
during the month of November 2015, including when possible, the domain name, retail
price, and registrar or marketplace where the name was registered. In the case of large
portfolio deals they are not listing all individual names and prices in this report but they do
include the aggregate price paid for the total package(s). They have also included in the total numbers $4,397 from names that have sold on SnapNames in November as part of our dropping domains program.
In November, they ended the month with 30 registrars participating in our tiered
premium names program via EPP.
During the month of November,, 326 premium .Club domains were sold. On
the registrar side, GoDaddy led the month with 6 sales, followed by RU Center with 2 sales.
Uniregistrar, eNom and OVH each had 1 sale during the month.
November, 2015
The retail prices paid for the registrar sales ranged from $349.00 to $5,759.68.
Prices in the portfolio deals included many names in the mid 4 and mid 5-figure range. The
average price paid for the registrar sold names was $1,518.01. The average price paid
across all 326 names sold was $4,962.48, an increase of nearly 4% over last month’s
average (which was across only 24 names vs. 326 names in November). Total premium
name sales for the month, excluding SnapNames sales, were $1,617,767.13, an increase of 1,311% over October.
Included in above numbers were three names sold directly by the registry, including
the sale of Bowling.club for $9,500. In addition, the names QQ.club, LV.club and HM.club
were sold by Corporate Registrars CSC and Mark Monitor to their brand clients.

During the month of November a total of 246 names were sold directly to buyers as
package deals, including one package that sold for 7-figures to an individual investor in
China. Package sizes ranged from five domains to several hundred domains. The package deals included some keyword names, as well as N, NN, NNN, L and LL names.

In November two auctions were held, the first on EJEE’s Eachnic.com Platform in
China. The bi-lingual auction featured 25 two-letter domains and one single letter domain,
C.club. All names were sold, for a total of $189,454. The highest price paid in the auction
was $50,000 for C.club. The highest price for a two-letter name was $9,750 for PC.club.

The lowest price in the auction was $4,800 for MH.club. The average price paid including C.club was $7,286.69. The average price paid just for the 25 two-letter names was $5,578.16.
The second auction of 37 3-number .CLUB names was held on the Sedo.com
platform. All 37 names were sold for a total of $44,727. The highest price paid in the
auction was $5,755 for 555.club. The lowest price in the auction was $169 for 544.club.
The average price paid for the names in the Sedo auction was $1,208.84.

While premium name sales through the registrar channel continue to be solid, the
driver for November’s enormous growth has been the strong demand for .CLUB names in
China. All but a very few of the names in the two auctions were sold to buyers in China, and all of the portfolio deals were to buyers in China.

Below is the complete list of registry reserved .CLUB names sold through the
registrar tiered premium channel during the month of November 2015.

Name Retail Price Registrar
TRUNK.CLUB $1,999.99 GoDaddy.com
TAI.CLUB $349.99 GoDaddy.com
1234.CLUB $1,548.86 Uniregistrar
MEM.CLUB $349.99 GoDaddy.com
FUT.CLUB $999.99 GoDaddy.com
SHUN.CLUB $349.99 GoDaddy.com
JUN.CLUB $349.99 GoDaddy.com
MAKER.CLUB $2,531.00 eNom, Inc.

Below is the list of names and prices sold in the Eachnic.com Auction:
Name Price
pc.club $9,750.00
c.club $50,000.00
CG.club $5,000.00
DK.club $5,000.00
DS.club $5,751.00
GW.club $5,000.00
GZ.club $5,000.00
HJ.club $5,000.00
JC.club $5,500.00
JD.club $5,250.00
JS.club $5,750.00
KF.club $5,000.00
LY.club $7,751.00
MH.club $4,800.00
PJ.club $5,000.00
PK.club $5,500.00
QC.club $6,050.00
SQ.club $5,251.00
TB.club $5,000.00
YC.club $5,000.00
YM.club $5,250.00
YQ.club $5,000.00
YX.club $5,250.00
ZJ.club $6,001.00
ZQ.club $6,600.00
ZS.club $5,000.00
Below is the list of names and prices sold in the Sedo.com Auction:
Name Price
131.club $310.00
711.club $320.00
166.club $412.00
171.club $339.00
200.club $510.00
251.club $229.00
988.club $1,300.00
544.club $169.00
800.club $1,451.00
211.club $450.00
878.club $726.00
255.club $360.00
120.club $700.00
122.club $329.00
882.club $656.00
181.club $751.00
151.club $1,001.00
177.club $1,310.00
555.club $5,755.00
688.club $3,220.00
112.club $269.00
788.club $1,250.00
806.club $300.00
815.club $300.00
816.club $390.00
864.club $179.00
869.club $385.00
898.club $700.00
666.club $3,600.00
333.club $1,801.00
868.club $1,250.00
858.club $1,105.00
288.club $2,060.00
818.club $2,010.00
121.club $1,250.00
118.club $2,260.00
111.club $5,320.00


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. BOOM!…..and just like that, single letter new G’s become more valuable…..

  2. What I find amazing….none of these domains motivate me in any way possible. If there was a “fantasy domaining” I wouldn’t backorder the first one much less hand reg one…and I mean that. How someone sees a brand new “lack luster” extension like .club worth any of those prices means one thing. Dotcom is not King. It just happens to be the main extension sold. If the Chinese think they have the “big fish” it is only among a group of folks that truly don’t know what they are doing. This reminds me of Beany Babies, Bradford Mint Tiger painted plates and Crock shoes. Do any of these companies still exist? ? ? ? Of course they do but nobody has any interest in their wares PERIOD! Take some advise people anytime names work like this IT NEVER COMES OUT GOOD!!! Take the time to go through old DNJournal.com articles and read all the hype about .US , .ME, .CO, .WS, .DE, .mobi, ect…all of these extensions>>>> and they now can’t be given away! If you have any of the above mentioned completely sub par terms sell them now…if you are buying them you will get burned I assure you. I do however thank the Chinese buyers for propping this industry….newcomers to the industry might get exposure to .com domains and choose to buy higher caliber names in the .com extension!

    Donald Edmands

    • @Donald,

      I do appreciate where you’re coming from. But some of what you say is inaccurate.

      Lumping .DE, .ME, and .CO with .MOBI and .WS couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve seen reports that indicate 3.2% of all websites are built on .DE. And its aftermarket performance has been stellar – better than any other ccTLD and rivaling .NET. After .COM, you’d be hard pressed to find another TLD that sells as consistently well.

      DNJournal’s latest report lists a .DE at 40,000 Euros as the 5th highest domain sale of the week. Plus, I count 12 more .DE sales in the same chart. .ME and .CO also do pretty well – for me as well as for others who report their sales.

    • @Donald,

      It’s true that not all extensions become successful, but at the same, not all have done bad. .NET and .ORG are still doing pretty well. Most of the new gTLDs will probably fail, but out of the hundreds, my guess is a few will make it.

      Maybe .CLUB can have a place next to .COM, like .NET and .ORG. Remember .CLUB is only a year old. The OG domains have been around for 30 years!

      • DNSelect.com you are correct .net and .org are there as existence but when was the last time you saw 22 .net sales or .org sales on one page?
        If it isn’t 3 numbers or 3 letters or ultra premium in these extensions you got a 425 dollar domain. I think of the domain market as if it’s under one thousand dollars it was just a sale. If it goes in access of one grand it is more viable and I can tilt my thinking toward buying another domain of that extension. I have some killer .org, .co, .de, .info, .cc, .me….can’t sell them; and they’re good. So if we are talking 425 dollars yes. Beyond that I believe a lot of folks are catching folks getting on board thinking this is the right ship possible???? Got me! Thanks for reply!

  3. Donald@
    Please stop giving bad advise to people.

    If you were bilingual like me you would know that .club is an international word and they are using .club in China as well through out the world.
    Chinese are not fools.

    In reference with .co almost all my sales are private and this year i made/sold over 6 figures with .co

    It irritates me when everybody is an expert and they don’t know what the hell are they talking about.

    Back to the subject Congrats to the .CLUB. Well done !

    • I totally agree about the Chinese not being fools! That’s an understatement! Fact is there are millions of empty rooms in empty apartments in empty man made cities that are bone empty in China; yet these apartments sell constantly and daily to the Chinese people! Does this look anything like that? A sudden dash toward saving money that may completely implode once the circus leaves town? Will I be seeing .club on the 2 nd page of any type of search engine return in the next 3 years? I ask you.

  4. Thanks for the return Joseph I read your replies and think highly of your opinion. I agree .DE was not ideal as an example to stand with .cc .ws ect. For instance .DE is the extension most Germans use. If a person is looking to use a brand or be known in Germany .DE is the choice…and yes (in the past) .DE sales were there pretty often. If you look now they hardly post. Literally. So I added it in because there is no liquidity in that market or we would see it. There is no liquidity in the .Me market. There is none in the .TV market. Nobody is burning up the charts with sales of these names. Now we have .io which for me is absolutely in the same designation as .club. How exactly do folks decide that these new names with if nothing else a clever “spin off” make showings that extensions like .tv are just barely pulling off? I personally think if I was offered .CLUB, .IO or .TV and I was on a desert island and wanted to get off the choice would be clear!

    My argument is there seems to be WAY to many killer .coms out there that personally give FAR more prestige than what the conversation is about. When I see club I immediately think so that’s the option you chose? Same thing with .io. There is not enough fundamental reason to build these products out when I don’t see a following coming from end users….or the other option is .com is going face first and this is the start…lol

  5. To Rich:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a9Xuyw9l3Y (worlds largest property bubble)

  6. DATA.ME>>>Flippa>>>>>> $200 >>>>24 HOURS>>>yes I know. I’m right

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