.Club Sells 16 Domains In July For $40,906 – Expired .Club To Be Auctioned In Snapnames

club-new-gtld.CLUB reported their July 2015 registry reserved Premium domain name sales.

As of July 31, 2015, the total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $1,048,331.60.

The highest single sale ever was for Wine.club at $140,000.

The .club registry also announced on Twitter that they just signed a contract with Snapnames to auction all expired .club domains on its platform.

Beginning July 1, 2015 the .CLUB Registry began offering certain registry reserved premium names through their registrar channel. Previously their premium names were mostly available via the Sedo Marketplace and Right of the Dot (and they still are, in addition to the registrars participating in our tiered premium program.) To download a list of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.

This report presents all public registry reserved premium name sales that occurred during the month of July 2015, including the domain name, retail price, and registrar or marketplace where the name was registered.


In July, .club launched the tiered premium names via EPP with 18 participating registrars. At the close of the month there were 21 registrars on board.

During the month of July, 16 premium .Club domains were sold by a total of 7 different sources. GoDaddy, 1API (Hexonet) and Sedo were each responsible for 4 sales. Name.com generated 2 sales, and RU-Center and Melbourne IT each accounted for 1 sale.

The retail prices paid ranged from $79.99 to $10,016.50. The average price paid was $2,556.66 and the total sales for the month was $40,906.48.

Below is the complete list of registry reserved .CLUB names sold during the month of July 2015.


Domain Retail Price  Sale Source
thevip.club $516.50 1API
farm.club $3,016.50 1API
fan.club $10,016.50 1API
pie.club $516.50 1API
avocado.club $1,760.06 Name.com
smoke.club $2,635.06 Name.com
gis.club $999.99 GoDaddy.com
mimi.club $258.05 Sedo
neo.club $1,500.00 Sedo
estate.club $1,500.00 Sedo
vehicle.club $4,999.99 GoDaddy.com
forex.club $5,000.00 Sedo
doroga.club $107.35 RU-CENTER
energy.club $6,999.99 GoDaddy.com
konakovo.club $79.99 GoDaddy.com
thestar.club $1,000 Melbourne IT

You can download a PDF of this report here.

Sold.Domains now has 103 .club domain name sales in its database. Most of the domains, but not all, were sold by the .Club registry. You can search for any New gTLD domain by TLD or keyword here.


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  1. We own Wellesley.club Hillary Clintons alum -paid all of $1( a one day special thing) I wonder if its worth anything?

  2. In the aftermarket, .CLUB seems to be doing a lot better than most other nTLDs. But another good thing about .CLUB is that a lot end users are actually using them to build websites. That is really the ultimate goal for any domain extension.

  3. How come you used to be so strongly against the new gtlds and now you have become their biggest cheerleader? You are gonna look mighty dopey with lots of egg on your face when the gtld turkeys come home to roost. Tweet Tweet! Face it, they suck and no one wants to use them as a primary website. When you give up both OnlineDomain.Com and SoldDomains.Com and instead switch over to Sold.Domains (exclusively), then I will rethink. Til then, me think you are a HIPPIEcrat

    • I was not against new gtlds. Please read all my posts if you don’t remember.
      I was against some new gtlds, like .xyz and .horse that I simply didn’t like.
      I now own more than 500 New gTLDs.

      You might think what you want but I speak with actions. I have invested more than $50k in new gtlds. I am not just talking about them.
      Read on.

      Do you suggest I turn off SoldDomains.Com just to satisfy you? Why would I ever do that? This is against any logic and what I advise companies to do.

  4. Do I understand correctly that SnapNames will be an exclusive partner for .CLUB expired auctions? Or will they merely be equipped to handle expired .CLUB domains – possibly along with other drop catchers?

    • From my understanding Snapnames will exclusively offer expired .club domains.
      These will probably be reserved after the expiration/deletion cycle and then auctioned.
      The ones that don’t sell will then be released for registration.
      This is a new process so anyone from .club please correct me if I am wrong.

      Of course many registrars will soon start(or have already started) to auction new gtlds before deletion.
      Possibly through namejet and snapnames. 🙂
      Or direct like dynadot does.

      • Thanks Konstantinos,

        Registrars have the opportunity to auction expiring domains before deleting them, as always.

        Deleting .Club domains will be listed on SnapNames and available for a backorder then subsequent auction sale.

        If the deleting domain does not sell in an auction, it will be released for General Availability.

        The exception will be certain registry reserved deleting premium names. If they don’t sell in an auction they will remain reserved and eventually be released to registrars through our tiered premium registration program.

        Hope this info helps. 🙂

        – Jeff Sass, .CLUB

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