Dynadot, Above, Hexonet & Fabulous Registrars Issue Warning About Phishing Emails

noDynadot, Above, Hexonet Fabulous and many other registrars have issued warnings about phishing emails that have been sent in the past 24 hours.

Here is the warning that Dynadot issued:

“We have recently become aware of fake abuse notifications being sent out to our customers. The abuse messages look like they are being sent from our abuse@dynadot.com email; however, these messages are NOT being sent from us and should be disregarded.

If you receive one of these emails or an email that you think may not be from us, do not click on any links, reply directly to the email, or call the number listed in the email. You can instead contact us via info@dynadot.com, our online chat, or our phones at 650-262-0100.

Here is an example of the email being sent out (click to enlarge):”


If you received any version of this phishing email, please do not click on the link.

Whenever you receive a suspicious email, always check the email header. You can hover over any links to see where they are pointed. These details will confirm that the email is not from the company indicated.

Here is the warning from Fabulous:

“We have been advised that some Fabulous users have received an attempted phishing email that appears to come from Fabulous.

The email has the subject “Domain Suspension Notice” and purports that your domains have been suspended due to abuse.

This is definitely not the case and we will investigate to find who is sending them.

We advise you not to click any links in this type of email and If you have any questions, please contact Support at support(at)fabulous(dot)com.”

And here is the email warning from Hexonet:

“Currently, several high profile domain registrars’ registrants are being
targeted with fraudulent emails.  In an attempt to have you click on links and
download files, the fraudulent emails claim your domain name has been
suspended and that you have failed to respond to previous email and telephone

HEXONET is notifying all customers and resellers to be on the watch for these
fraudulent suspension email notices.  The emails are originating from
abuse@1api.net and attempt to impersonate the abuse department of our in-house
domain name registrar 1API GmbH.  These suspension emails are NOT being sent
from HEXONET or 1API:


Resellers should notify and relay this information to their own customers
immediately.  If you are unsure of the validity of any email from HEXONET or
1API, please contact our Support Team at support@hexonet.net.”


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  1. I am with NameSilo and these phishing emails have targeted our customers as well. We have made announcements on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  2. Just shows that you have to watch everything you recieve its a pitty that more cant be done to track these people down but they can be anywhere in the world and are just a click away at any moment

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