Sedo Makes “Direct Auction” Improvements

sedoWith Sedo’s Direct Auction tool you can auction off domains at any time and now they’re implementing further improvements to the tool, which are based in part on user feedback.

Direct Auction Improvements:

  • From now on, the reserve price range will be displayed on the search results page and the auction page. This lets potential bidders find exactly the right auction to fit their budget.
  • Previous bidders will receive notifications. If bids have been placed for this domain in the past, Sedo will notify all former bidders via email that the domain is now in a direct auction. This will increase the number of potential buyers.

For more information on the Direct Auctions click here.


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  1. Isn’t that the exact thing as telling someone an exact price instead of being open to offers. You are blatantly showing your expected price! Why does Namejet not do it nor Snapnames or Godaddy but freelance domainers should pay 60 dollars for “THEIR AUCTION” to be listed in a CONTROLLED environment ????? Asinine!

  2. It’s better off to set minimum bid as the reserve price

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