I Just Sold The Domain Name Create.Media For 5,000 Euro Or $5,633

newgtldI just sold the New gTLD domain name Create.Media for 5,000 Euro at Sedo. According to today’s exchange that is $5,633 USD.

Minus the 15% Sedo commission I got 4,250 Euro or $4,788.

Create.Media was an Early Access Program (EAP) purchase and I paid about $133 to buy less than a year ago. I bought it on the 20th of July, 2014. I only bought 2 .media domains.

I had 4 inquiries at the DomainNameSales.com platform where the domain is parked from November until March. 2 were from Canada, 1 from the US and 1 from India. No solid offers were received. Someone that was very angry at my $6,500 quote hinted that he would only pay $100 for the domain. I wonder how he will react when I tell him I sold the domain for $5,633.

I list my domains with Sedo also, as New gTLDs are very hot with Europeans and other buyers outside the US. But in this case the buyer was from the US.

This was my 3rd New gTLD sale for a total net of almost $15,000. All domains have been sold in 2015. You can read here why and how I invested $50,000 buying New gTLD domains and a few thoughts on these purchases here. I have now covered all 2015 renewals and I am working on getting my initial investment back. My average sales price is at about $5,000 so I will probably need to sell 10 more domains this year. I have sold 3 domains in 5 months this year so at this rate I am probably looking at about 7 more sales. But nothing is of course certain. That is just an estimate.

You can read all the details about one of my sales of the city.tips domain name sale here.

You can see the all New gTLD domain name sales at Sold.Domains. The database includes 472 recorded sales since the first new domain names came out last year. You can search the database either by keyword or by gTLD.

This week 5 domains were added in the database including 3 .club domains. Create.Media is the only recorded .Media sale so far.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Congrats! Great sale and price!

  2. Great Sale! What happened to livertransplantation.com? Have you sold it?

  3. Congrats on the sale. I guess it will be interesting to see how the buyer develops it. As an accounting / finance professional, it has always confused me why companies spend thousands of dollars on ordinary business expenses and many thousands on marketing and advertising but still seem to be set on branding on newbie quality reg fee domains. But given that experience and the difficulty of selling even .COM domains, I see no reason to load up on new TLDs. Best of luck with your portfolio.

  4. Congratulation Konstantinos!
    Covered all renewals ! That must be a good felling !

  5. congrats to the sale! keep the no sayers away!

  6. Congrats on pulling another GTLD sale, they do not come easy, well done.

    Do you ever feel you are watering down your best names, trying to keep the subpar, or high premium ones afloat, really never recovering your carrying costs, or essentially just working for the registries.

    • We all work for the registries, more or less.
      My best names remain unsold. People tend to pay less for lesser quality than pay top dollar for a top domain.
      For myself, if I have the money I always for for the best.

      I have written in the past that if you are a 5000 employee company and will not even spend $2,500 (yet alone a 6 or 7 figure sum) to buy a domain for one of the main services you provide, then you deserve whatever comes your way.

  7. It’s funny that just a few weeks ago, you were very against the new gtlds. Now, you seem to have at least one gtld sponsorship and foot seems to be on the other shoe.

    • When was I against new gtlds? I have been buying new gtld domains from day 1 back in January 2014.
      Somehow half the people think I am against new gtlds, and half think I am pro .com.
      It depends on what article they happen to read.
      If you read everything I have written you will see that I point out the problems with both .com and legacy tlds and the new gtlds.
      And new gtlds are not one thing. There are many registries with many different approaches.

      I have explained that this is not a two-sides issue. .Com is king but you can make money with .org and .media as well.

  8. Great sale going to try to sell shares.guide and stocks.guide but might try sedo

  9. Domainers ought to appreciate the transparency here. While many domain bloggers will brag about a particular sale, few would disclose the overall business model behind it, which in this case shows total cost still exceeding income.

    The experiment seems to be working for you, and I’m guessing you’re on track to breaking even or profitability even. Still, it’s good for readers that the sale is placed within the context of purchase and holding costs.

    • Yes, Joseph. Thanks for pointing this out.
      This is like any other business. Revenue does not equal profit. If you bought 1 domain like sex.com in 199x and sell it for 15 million today then you are the exception.

      All domainers have expenses and acquisition cost. People read that I sold a domain for $18k so they think I am set for the year.
      But I have over 100k of renewals plus other expenses. My accountant and my work preparing the tax report maybe costs about 10k per year.
      All this must be factored in.

  10. Well done Kosta. Happy summer time!

  11. Hey well done! Interesting sale and suits the extension, I wonder where this leaves my wear.media …. cheers

  12. You’re doing it the right way.. I did the same thing in the .com era. You bought a good name. Somebody inquired – or you called someone explaining the value proposition of owning an obviously good name to them. The person you spoke to believed what you were selling. So did you, because you’re telling the truth. Boom you sold a name. Rinse and repeat my friend. That’s the domain name business.

    Across all extensions (old and new) there are fewer good names that there is demand for them. There is just a momentary illusion of oversupply right now because of all the launches. It will pass. When a fireworks show goes off it looks like the world will never run out of sparkling light, then it passes. Buy the good ones you can afford, now.

  13. Probably guys from .media bought it from you hoping that you were going to write a post like this later.

  14. ‘Potential domain names leads to potential domain sales’. Congrats Konstantinos, and thanks for sharing your success story with Domainers!

  15. Nice. txs for sharing.

  16. Hey Konstantinos I’m new to domains and bought a bunch of new gtlds. The best one I think I own is Shop.Today How do you find your buyers or do they find you? Shameless plug here to HNGMarketing.com is where I park my domains.

  17. Congrats, Your sales putting new gTLDs in the most favorable light.

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