Sold The Domain Name City.Tips For 8,500 Euro ($9,335)

newgtldI have now sold 2 New gTLD domain names. I reached an agreement for selling City.Tips last week and now the domain name has been paid for and funds are in my bank account. The domain name was sold through Sedo although it was parked at The buyer came through Sedo’s MLS network (a german registrar) so I had to pay a 20% fee. They chose to negotiate anonymously.

I bought the domain name for $150 last year in EAP day 5 of the .tips extension. Remarkably this is not a premium domain name. The renewal price is at about $20.

The buyer is DAVILLA GmbH, an advertising agency from Bregenz,  Austria that also has office in Zurich, Switzerland. They already own another New gTLD domain name and have developed it: Vorarlberg is a region in Austria. I see that they have bought other city related .tips domain names as well.

I also sold another New gTLD (.agency) for $2,500 that has been paid in a private transaction but  I can’t reveal that domain name yet. So now I have made about $10k from New gTLD sales but I own more than 500 so I need about $5k more to pay for next year’s renewals. Having sold no New gTLDs in the first year I think that sales are picking up. I had offers for low 4 figures for some domains but didn’t want to sell too cheap.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. What historical EUR/USD rate you used?
    It is about 1.06 now.

  2. Congrats on the great sale price!

    I would be very interested in reading a post on your pricing strategies due to few number of comparable sales of new gTLDs. Thanks.

  3. Awesome sale. I only have a few Gtlds so no offers yet. Good luck on the others!

  4. Σε καλή μεριά! 😀

  5. This one had a trademark on in via Sheraton so it is good you got rid of it

    • The trademark is about “providing travel information”.
      This is a shameful and despicable trademark.
      It really ridiculous that the United States Patent and Trademark Office accepted such a trademark.
      I will start filing 100s trademarks and destroy the global economy. Simply ridiculous.

  6. K, do you think if you had put those same dollars into .com, if you would have yielded a greater return year to date? That one sale is very hard to gauge against a 500 strong portfolio which if it cost $15,000 to renew, must have cost $20,000 to acquire in year 1.

  7. A nice sale indeed. Congrats.

  8. Congrats Konsta on your sale keep it up ……….!!!!!!

  9. I am Austrian and aware of this Austrian company.. in fact new Gtld’s are seen very positively here in Austria and there are several others here experimenting with new gtld’s and useful keyword combinations.. they also registered & (means citiy/cities)

    • I have a little over 1,000 new gTLDs and the overwhelming majority of inquiries have been from non-US companies. US companies are going to miss out on some very nice domains because once a company purchases a domain in the aftermarket for internal use, the domain rarely goes back on the market.

      • The better extensions are still to be released, then you still have years of drops, and cash strapped sellers to contend with, the cycle is not complete to get it in safe hands.

        I think 30 years into .com we are starting to see strong concentrations within one word .com’s, 3L .com’s and such strong keywords are into the hands of people who know what they are worth, and not willing to give them away, and they have an established value, but we are talking 30 years in, GTLD might be able to do this within 5-10 years who knows

      • Most of my sales are to non-US companies in the past year.

    • Thanks for letting me know Daniel.

  10. Congratulations on those sales! Nice prices too! Love it!

  11. That’s an awesome price for a .tips domain. The latest news I read said the new gtlds are gaining popularity faster in Europe than in North America. I have probably 20 – 30 new gtlds but no action on them yet.

  12. Congrats!….Your sales are congruent with the “Innovation Adoption Curve.”….Innovators and early adopters will profit from the early majority and late majority…

  13. Once the .BRAND domains hit, it will start to be lights out. The US consumer is a herd beast, once it catches wind of what is going on, there will be a stampede.

  14. I received 7 offers on my gTLDs, mostly from low $50 to low $1000. So , not prepare to give away…..

  15. Congrats K ! That is a great name and shows how the power of a good match of left.right makes it attractive. Seeing also every month increasing offers coming in and more 4 figure amounts showing up.

    • Ya, left to right is really big deal. I been developing a project on .nyc and .nyc/key words are great for seo building. Just a natural fit.

  16. Congrats!!! very nice.

  17. Congrats K .. 8k lets you feel very well with the ngTLDs now.

  18. Konstantinos, congrats! Not sure if you mentioned this, but was it a “buy-now” sale or did the buyer make an offer and you negotiated the sale? Thanks in advance.

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