18 One-Character .se Domains Up For Auction (j.se, q.se, v.se, 0.se, 1.se etc.)

se.SE, the Swedish ccTLD, has decided to allow registration of .se domain names with only one character. The most attractive domain names will be released through an auction on Tradera.

The 18 .se domains up for auction are j.se, q.se, v.se, å.se, ä.se, ö.se, é.se, ü.se and 0.se up to 9.se. The auction begins on May 28 and ends on June 10.

Other one-character domains are released according to the first come, first serve principle on the morning of May 27. All are IDN domains/characters according to .SE’s official IDN table. Note that hyphen “-.se” cannot be registered. All one-character domains to be released on May 27 can be found in the attached appendix.

To enable registration of one-character domains, the .se system will be updated May 27 starting at 9:00. As soon as the patch is complete, the domains will be possible to register. The update will probably take just a couple of minutes.

Note that .SE is not releasing a.se, b.se, c.se,… (and others), as these are used as master domains according to an old policy from the time when registrations under domains’ county letters (katema.a.se) were allowed. Although this was some years ago, it is not possible to enter new registrations of domains under a master domain as many existing domains remain, and these domains may survive for as long as they are renewed.


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