Stupidest Trojan Email I Have Ever Received

noI got an email yesterday that made me laugh. I get 10s of email that contain viruses, backdoors and trojans every day. Most are caught by the antivirus or end up in the spam folder.

But the email I got today was not caught and ended up in my inbox. The subject and the company name contained in the email was hilarious.

I opened it the email without opening the attachment. The subject was “trap s.a.” so it was totally irresistible to me.

This is the email body:

Good afternoon,

C/ Morabos 24 Ppal 2° 08004 Barcelona
+34 933 36 87 77

Yes, that is it. I got an attachment by the TRAP S.A. company and they expected me to open the attachment. I bet the people that wrote this don’t know what trap means. I certainly didn’t fall into this trap.


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  1. But there must have been a 6-figure offer in that attachment, right?

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