Donuts Makes Over $130,000 On Sunrise & The First 5 Days Of EAP For .World

donutsI am here at NamesCon 2015 and I was at a session and someone said that it is difficult to get an estimate of how much revenue New gTLD registries are getting because of the different premium renewals and the different EAP charges for each day of the EAP program.

Sure it is difficult but it is not impossible. Here is what Donuts made on the first 5 days of the EAP of the .World new gtld that entered EAP on 7th of January. Keep in mind that day 5 is not complete in the zone file that I have but is the latest one. There are now 599 domains in this zone file.

.World got about 273 sunrise domain name registrations. They charge about $100 for each of these plus the renewal fee, so that will be $27,300 for the sunrise fee plus any registration fees. The .World wholesale regular registration fee is at about $20. So that is another $5,460.

There were 17 premium domain names out of these 273 with various prices. That adds up to an extra $1,420.

There were a lot of (326) EAP domain names for .world and there are more to come. Here is the breakdown so far:

Day 1: 1 domain name ($10,000 wholesale)
Day 2: 2 domain names ($3,000)
Day 3: 17 domain names ($1,000)
Day 4: 23 domain names ($500)
Day 5: 284 domain names ($100)

(Again day 5 is not complete.)

So we add another $71,900 from all the wholesale EAP fees and $6,520 from the registration fees.

There were 152 premium domains out of the 326 registered in EAP. This added an extra $17,750.

So the grand total of the first 5 days of EAP (including sunrise) is $130,350. But the recurring revenue (that is if you take out the EAP fee) is at $31,150.

So the average wholesale renewal fee for these 599 domains which are probably some of the best .world domain names (if you take out the reserved/collision domains) is at $52 per year.

Please not that I might have missed some of the domains that are not in the zone files because they don’t have nameservers. I always estimate that number to be about 2-3% in New gTLDs.

Now the question is how much did Donuts paid to win the auction for the .World New gTLD and when it will break even.


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  1. .World seems to be a interesting domain extension to watch. Hopefully it lives up to it’s hype

  2. has anyone else noticed how unusually long it has been since .Wedding was delegated as a string, yet it is still not scheduled?

  3. Aren’t they with the “bright” idea to let people register their .wedding domain cheap and after X years they’d need to sell a kidney if they want to keep the domain ? Perhaps they’re rethinking that strategy.

  4. I think donuts will make a very good deal with his 300 ngtlds.

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