Daily Domain Sales (12-24-2014): NVM.net $779, TI6.com $580, MusicDownloads.info $525

dailyGo Daddy is trying to stop blogs from reporting auction results. I noticed that the other day when all my watched domains at Go Daddy were gone. You can read about here by Joseph Peterson.

I am not in the mood for a lot of complaining right now but I will post below the auction prices a few hours before auctions ended just to mess with the people that complained to Go Daddy. Do they prefer I post these instead of the final prices? Be my guest. They should probably be complaining to Go Daddy about shill bidders and why people are allowed to renew their domains after the auctions have ended and winning bidders have paid, instead of Go Daddy moving the auctions 10 days later.

@Paul Nicks, I am still waiting for a reply to my 4 emails with questions you said you were going to answer. That was February 2014.

Yes, I am complaining again. I can’t help it with these things.

So read this post, “Just The Fax Ma’am, Just The Fax”, and enjoy the holidays.

I posted all my .NET domain name sales from the past 10 years. You can see these here.

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I now own the 2 domains name I bought from the 3M Company. I waited for more than 2 months to get them.

I posted some of my 2014 domain name purchases. More coming soon!

Here is a poll with over 440 votes so far: “Are You Renewing Your New gTLD Domains?“.

Click here to see domain sale reports from the past week.

Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions from Sedo, Namejet, Snapnames, Go Daddy, Drop Catch and Flippa (please note that a lot of the domain names listed below have not been paid for yet):

Sedo Domain Sales:

Namejet Domain Auctions:

Snapnames Domain Auctions:


energyproductions.com $610
thepod.com $566
techbucket.com $510
creativepress.com $420
iffl.com $300
2015hairstyle.com $205
ymmb.com $190
thedailyoccupation.org $172
nwhomemag.com $172
megafamilyproject.org $162
libraryfind.org $157
63617.com $156
perumarketplaces.com $155
deborah-gibson.com $150
uruguaydailynews.com $145
macawmountain.com $135
met4kid.com $130
56951.com $130
ninjanews.com $128
68224.com $121
fameboards.com $115
zges.com $106
joomlasite.net $105
ephraimowens.com $105
peterandgordon.net $100
airkee.com $100
westcash.com $100
futuregrounds.com $95
morocco-un.org $87
theresistanceseries.com $85
studio-sweet-studio.com $85
xunb.com $83
teambulgaria.com $80
brzina.net $80
belize-elections.org $75
ridepikespeak.com $75
myrtlebeachalternatives.com $75
iphonedevsummit.com $75
46387.com $72
hobbygallery.com $70
cellmoviez.com $70
hg304.com $67
muslimz.com $65
wowspain.com $65
vanillacloud.com $65
bluestoneweddings.com $65
whartonenergy.com $65
floridachoice.com $62
infiniti.org $60
umiq.com $56
addurls.com $55
websterrescue.com $55
keepingthekibbutz.com $52
biturl.com $50
cric92.com $49
sirithaicuisine.com $48
dtvoficial.com $47
mainlinerenewables.com $46
laservacuums.com $44
shanghaisingles.com $43
buyportronics.com $42
woofi.com $42
da-az.com $42
photographycraft.com $38
luggageguides.com $37
mdweed.com $36
theselfimprovementsite.com $35
henrygill.com $35
securityexe.com $35
avenetefolio.com $33
pennysmart.net $32
managedserviceproviders.com $32
oalodgeix.org $30
seopulp.com $30
killerbeats.net $30
andaluciapeople.com $30
fundily.com $30
qiqt.com $27
bidformedicine.com $27
debtconsolidationinusa.com $27
shipkatravel.com $27
nhantri.com $27
nottodayresources.com $26
dvdtoavi.net $25
coalcamp.com $25
toysfortotsphila.org $22
wdsny.org $22
slurm-wm.org $22
attackonasthma.org $22
piqt.com $22
iqpg.com $22
ps2reality.net $22
totalgamehost.com $22
ryoz.com $22
testasolar.com $22
drupaldance.com $22
metalxhead.com $22
zaffiros.com $20
2dgeek.com $20
beangoodcafe.com $20
hizliizle.com $20
fixcoffee.com $19
iiqt.com $18
wyiq.com $18
pvxe.com $18
d-flex.org $17
centerfortropicalecology.org $17
fedinvest.mobi $17
wildernesscommitteevictoria.org $17
saxa.org $17
nmiq.com $17
hmiq.com $17
zmiq.com $17
ymiq.com $17
riqt.com $17
yiqt.com $17
niqt.com $17
kiqt.com $17
miqt.com $17
diqt.com $17
giqt.com $17
eiqt.com $17
iyiq.com $17
kyiq.com $17
jmiq.com $17
jiqt.com $17
zyiq.com $17
syiq.com $17
ryiq.com $17
pyiq.com $17
jyiq.com $17
lyiq.com $17
oyiq.com $17
eyiq.com $17
ayiq.com $17
coiphim24.com $17
jucarie.net $17
vadefenseforce.com $17
modelosenlinea.net $17
absolutet-shirts.com $17
terracehillgolfclub.com $17
oycj.com $17
captainjimhanson.com $17
oasisboatrentals.com $17
georeservation.com $17
saulrealestate.com $17
atg-stores.com $17
mantelsplusmore.com $17
kickszero.com $17
jesmai.com $17
creditenebancare.com $17
alex-shoes.com $17
himalayanyakrestaurant.com $17
raiaventura.com $17
candyluxe.com $17
sassyloan.com $17
hibasports.com $17
gettingtion.com $17
rotarysite.com $17
trendydesygnz.com $17
selfemploymenttaxtips.com $17
bm60.com $17
xtqo.com $17
ofactory.com $17
lafak.com $17
xn--12cs4adhe8b7cud3aeer3ag2qte4d.com $17
thewayoutsoberliving.com $17
ddsharma.com $17
therealkattwilliams.com $17
a2zads.info $15
jocosarblog.org $15
thatlol.org $15
gmiq.com $15
footfetishextreme.com $15
calamityjanes.biz $15
abyssportal.com $15
carluxla.com $15
supertutorial.com $15
sejaa.com $15
cashnpay.com $15
houseofvacuumskc.com $15
ipkj.com $15
explodedphone.com $15
auxm.com $15

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:

Flippa Domain Auctions:
nvm.net $779
ti6.com $580
musicdownloads.info $525
Kittens.io $370


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. The time I was watching energyproductions and thepod.com, both were over $1,000 with an hour left or so…

  2. Hi, I am not new to domain purchasing however I started buying from auctions a few days ago (most of my domains are hand reg) and always from Godaddy. I puchased 3 domains that where in closeout sale, one of these domains I “won” was for sale on another site for $5k, I have no idea how this is possible? Then I did some research and found out that even if you “win” an auction or closeout sale the previous owner still has 3-7 days to renew his domain (yes he then pays a fee of $80 (depending on the registrar) and gets the domain back! I then contacted Godaddy on the phone since they do not answer emails as it seems (maybe they are afraid that we could use them as proof in legal therms later on) and he told me I have to wait 7 days and that all 3 domains would be available on my account after that time, I asked him again “Are you sure about that?” he said he would GUARANTEE it. Not knowing much about the subject but being a relatively aware person that loves information I ask myself how can Godaddy put a domain on closeout sale for 10$ or less and the same domain is for sale on another platform for 5k? (And they even tell you that you get a 30 days money back guarantee if you dont get the domain) does this mean that for ex. if someone bought that domain for 5k after I already “won” the domain from godaddys closeout sale that company would contact Godaddy and say something like ” Hey guys we give you 2k (or 3k or any other value) because a client bought the domain here and you make sure the person who bought the same domain from your closeout gets refunded and told the “previous owner” renewed the domain” ? What do you think? I am searching for opinions on this subject and will let you know about the won domains, if they apear on my account or dont.

    • Mercedes, when you bid you agree to their TOS, which state that the current owner has set amount of days to renew that domain. If you agree with that policy or not is your right to continue with your transaction.

      My primary issue is more so with bidder identification, and shill bidding controls which do not seem to be nowhere to be found.

      • The problem is that on the phone they do not tell you about the possibility of the domain owner renewing the domain, they guarantee you that after 7 days you will have the domain on your account without providing the whole information. The moment you as a representing force of a company give a guarantee you are legaly assuming it (I do not know how it is in the USA but at least in Europe this has legal power associated) I am not aware about the rest (shill bidding) altough it is common in all sorts of niches as I said very new to domain auctions but that these companies are not honest seems to me as an obvious conclusion.

  3. I sold NVM.net. Sold it at a loss TBH but I was happy to let it go after holding on for so long.

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