Domain Cost Club Offers Domains At-Cost With A $99 Fee Per Year (video)

gtldsICANN Accredited registrar Domain Cost Club starts a new club to provide domains at wholesale price to its members. Starting from October 2014, the registrar will accept new members.
All domain registrars buy domains at exactly the same price from registries, and then sell them to end-users at a higher price to make a profit. Domain Cost Club launched in October 2014 is changing this model by introducing at-cost pricing to its members.

Members of Domain Cost Club are assured to get the cheapest wholesale prices for their domain names. But they have to pay a fee to gain membership.

Regular memberships start $99 per year and there are also lifetime memberships that have a one time fee of $499. So you need to have at least 100 domains to start seeing any benefits.

This video explains what Domain Cost Club is:

The internet has expanded with the Release of New Domain Extensions like .club, .rocks, .xyz, etc. Hundreds of new extensions launched in 2014.

Domain Cost Club provides its members with domain name registration, renewal and transfers at the same price that it costs to them, this results from 20% to 300% savings on new gtld domain names when compared to other registrars like godaddy, 1and1 etc.

By sharing this opportunity with others, members can also earn commissions in addition to saving on domain registrations.

Domain Cost Club is powered by ICANN Accredited registrar Global Domains International, Inc. GDI has been in the domain industry since 1999 as a ccTLD registry operator, and became an ICANN accredited registrar in 2009. Domain Cost Club is the first registrar in the world to introduce at cost pricing to its members starting from October 2014.

“People who registered dot com names early on in the 1990s have made a fortune from the sale of those domains. Now a similar scenario has emerged with the launch of new domain extensions. Domain Cost Club provides another opportunity to profit form the Internet. A Domain Cost Club membership can save its members thousands of dollars on new premium domain names.”

“The Domain Cost Club opportunity is suitable for people who want to register lot of domain names or people who want to invest in premium domains launched with the new extensions. For people who just need few domains for their website and who are not interested in investing in premium domains, a review of top domain registrars can be found at http://DomainRegistration.Reviews.”


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  1. Awesome. If they have two stage security and simple DNS, that’s all I need. I’m just itching to get away from GoDaddy.

  2. When my discount club expires so does my time with slowbadcrapdaddy

    • Hi,
      Are you a member?
      Too little information around.
      Are you sure it is not a scam?
      Wondering if there is someone who is a member reading this, please respond and give some info. Are they any good? How is the support team, are they responsive?
      Any comments would be highly appreciated.

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