Namecheap offers monthly payments for buying New gTLDs like .CLUB, .SHOP, .MIAMI, .FASHION (Powered by

Namecheap launched Namecheap Easy Payments, powered by the platform, in order to make premium domain names more accessible to startups, small businesses and everyone else.

Namecheap Easy Payments adds a finance option to more than 3,000 premium names priced at $5,000 or above. With Namecheap Easy Payments someone can buy a New gTLD domain name for a low monthly fee, with no long-term obligation. With Namecheap Easy Payments anyone can register a premium name for as little as $1,000 down and $66.66 per month for 60 months.

Namecheap is the first domain name registrar to offer Easy Payments powered by The finance option is available on over 3,000 names from the .CLUB, GMO and MMX registries, with more names and registries expected to be added. Current inventory includes names ending in .Club, .Shop, .Miami, .Boston, .Fit, .Fashion, .Work, .Beer, .Yoga and more.

When searching for a domain name at, names that offer Namecheap Easy Payments have a prominent “FINANCE” button and the monthly payment amount in their search result listing.

“We always look for ways to add value and convenience for our customers, many of whom are small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO. “Adding the Namecheap Easy Payments finance option allows our entrepreneurial customers the opportunity to invest in a premium name over time, leaving more resources available to grow their business. By working with we were able to integrate this innovative financing feature quickly and efficiently.”

.CLUB CEO Colin Campbell added, “Namecheap is one of our best registrar partners and with their forward thinking approach they were ideal to implement Easy Payments powered by our platform. We’re excited to be in a position to enable financing for not only .CLUB names, but also for names from other registries such as GMO and MMX. We believe in the power of a great keyword domain, and we also believe that a monthly payment plan is the best way to get great premium domains in the hands of real business end-users. It makes perfect sense to make Easy Payments more widely available through great registrars like Namecheap.”


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