Rightside Selling The Domain Cleveland.mortgage For The Cost Effective Price Of $59,500 Per Year

rightsideRightside is launching .MARKET and .MORTGAGE today and they send out a press release.

In the part of the press release that refers to the .mortgage launch it says:

The launch of .MORTGAGE signifies an evolution of the internet that is helping mortgage professionals and agencies overcome the scarcity of web domain options available with legacy extensions such as .COM. Instead of relying on long, hard-to-remember web addresses, the residential lending community can transform unwieldy URLs like clevelandhomemortgage.com to the shorter and more memorable Cleveland.mortgage. These new domains offer the simplest, most relevant, and cost-effective way to improve visibility with new and existing clients at every point of contact – through online and offline ads, web and search traffic, signage, emails, and business cards.

So I was curious to see how much the “cost-effective” domain Cleveland.mortgage actually costs. So I checked 101domain.com and got this:

Yes, the price is $59,500 per year. I have no idea who would buy this domain and pay so expensive renewals. My guess is no one will. Or maybe the registry is looking for an ignorant brand protection or marketing firm spending money of unsuspecting corporate clients.

I am sorry but you don’t want your press release to be undermining to your business and to be so outrageous that will drive everybody away. $59,500 per year is the far opposite of a “cost-effective way” to build a website.

By the way the domain name clevelandhomemortgage.com, registered in 2003, is for sale at Afternic if you are interested. The domain names myclevelandmortgage.com and getclevelandmortgage.com are free and available to register at about $10 per year.


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  1. All the releases including .market are insane pricing, you can check any major city they are about $60K, even states… Seattle.Mortgage it is $60K as well, I think Bitcoin.Market will set you back $60K per year, Chinese.Market $3K per year, Country.Market $1K per year, 247.market $1.8K per year

    bankruptcy.mortgage is at $60K as well, and you soon will be also. These are just frigging today names, many more options, than signing your life away for a untested extension.

  2. Ridiculous and quite frankly a rip-off! If you want to sell it, sell it for a lump sum up-front. But to put a renewal price of $60K is laughable. How about Cleveland.homeloans or Cleveland.mortgageloans or Cleveland.loans ??

    It appears that with the new gTLDs, that registries can set their own renewal prices on certain domains. Is this possible for .COMs or any of the original gTLDs?

  3. nationwide.mortgage sold last week for under 12k …no?

    And thats the whole country

  4. Wow, I have Geo (state) + Loan.com for 25k. Looks like I am underpricing it:)

  5. It is like that for many of their more recent offerings. .Attorney and .Lawyer had similar pricing, as does .Rehab. They must think that geographics have huge potential. And none of them have sold that I can tell. This type of pricing is not good for the acceptance of the new gTLDs.

  6. With time prices might drop from the extreme end of the scale. Right now these parties are just dipping their toes in the water hoping it’s warm enough 🙂

    It’s possible they might look at it from the point that a premium domain could sell in the nearby future for high XXX,XXX and don’t want a domainer to grab it. So they take the domainer approach by keeping it with a high price tag until the right buyer comes along. Maybe if we’re in a new realestate.bubble 😉

    Anyone who was at the groundfloor for the first serie of new gTLDs should feel lucky. Now alot of domains are premium prices to reg, renew and these extremes we’ll see more.

  7. gtlds are so dumb it hurts! Who’d buy this?

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