Did Apple Pull A Negari Move With The Latest U2 Album?

thanksTech Crunch did a piece today criticizing Apple for uploading the latest U2 album to all iTunes users.

Did Apple hire the same marketing firm that Daniel Negari is using for .XYZ? Is Tim Cook friends with Daniel Negari?

The album may appear on your iPhone or iPad whether you want it or not, a move that apparently is ticking off a number of iTunes users.

Did Apple pull a Negari one? It seems like it.

Daniel Negari and .XYZ has become famous for registering and gifting almost 400,000 .xyz domain names to unsuspecting Network Solutions customers in order to cook the numbers and make .xyz seem like the number 1 New gTLD extension. Of course he failed miserably. Customers can’t delete the domain name and will have to wait until they expire 1 year later.

Apple has automatically gifted the latest album from U2 for free to all iTunes users. But like .xyz some gifts aren’t always welcome. While I love them there may be some people that actually hate U2 and don’t want them on their phone or tablet.

Here is what Tech Crunch wrote:

“Seriously. Go look. Depending on your iCloud setting, U2’s latest album might be sitting in the Music app, ready to play. Otherwise, the album is most likely still shown, available to download from iCloud from your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes app. Worse yet, it’s rather difficult to rid your phone and iTunes account of the album.

Yesterday at the iPhone 6 launch event, Bono and Tim Cook jointly unleashed this scourge on the iTunes world by daintily touching the tips of their fingers. Seriously, it was awkward. Cook called the album release the largest in history — something that’s easily obtainable when you push it to millions and millions of devices.”

“Sadly you cannot totally purge the songs from your iTunes account. You can only hide the songs from the local iTunes account, but they will continue to live for all of eternity on your iCloud. Thanks, Apple.”

(Thanks to anonymous for the tip)


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  1. Actually, Kevin Murphy said that 😉 https://twitter.com/DomainIncite/status/509736702831652865

    But yes, having to explicitly opt out of something is a BS move.

  2. The big difference is people actually like U2, and they won’t have to pay to continue to listen to it in a year.

  3. Whats good for .XYZ is good for Apple.

  4. I like opt_out as the default Internet setting. In the USA almost every commercial company on the net uses opt_in as the default. On many of them you have to look very hard to find opt_out.
    I got the U2 thingy. Not a fan. It would seem like with all the social engineering they do they would know that and give me a Rolling Stones or a Miles Davis album.

  5. .xyz is talked about daily in this industry. Sounds like they haven’t failed at all…

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