Did I Strike Gold With The Domain FieldEmissionDisplay.com Back in 2005? NO!

noI read on DotWeekly.com a couple of days ago that Microsoft registered the domain name FED.tv for a new “Field Emission Display TV?”.

Then I remembered reading an article on Wired about up and coming technologies back in 2005. I went to my favorite registrar, which I think at the time was Moniker, and registered more than 10 .com domains related to these technologies. One of these was FieldEmissionDisplay.com.

From Wikipedia: “A field emission display (FED) is a flat panel display technology that uses large-area field electron emission sources to provide electrons that strike colored phosphor to produce a color image.”

Jamie wrote that FED.tv is a premium domain with a one-time fee of $700.

I know that most companies have abandoned this technology but I thought maybe Microsoft is having another go. Or simply the FED.tv domain registration was completely unrelated.

Jamie mentioned that FED.tv was redirecting to bing.com but today I visited fed.tv and it goes to “Microsoft Government“. So the domain was for the Microsoft Federal Forum 2014 after all. Tough luck…

Over the years I dropped half of the domains I registered on that day because the technology didn’t pan out but I kept this one. Not sure for how long I will now…


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  1. I would be curious to know the sales history of three word, future trend, dot coms…..If FED technology did take off, what do you think the value would be to an end user?… I ask because there are many small time domainers (myself included) who hand register future trend domains such as DroneDeliverySystem(COM)….Three words seem like a hard sell to me, but I am interested in your thoughts?

    • There a lot of 3 word domains being sold. But I think the key is that the three words have to be inseparable.
      i.e. If one is lost then the meaning is completely different or the 2 words left have no meaning at all.
      Good examples are 3 words of an acronym such as FED.

      In this case I would prefer DroneDelivery.com as I don’t think that “system” adds something significant to the phrase.

      I also own SelfDrivingCars.com since 2003 and I have received quite a few offers lately.

  2. The thing with up and coming technologies is that not all of them will enter common speech even if popular products depend on them, because companies won’t necessarily market their product using the name of the technology. “Field emission display” sounds like a tough one to advertise, it’s probably too long and complicated. How many people who have bought a LED TV know what LED stands for?

  3. SelfDrivingCars – that’s pretty cool! Here are today’s headlines:

    The Race For a Self-Driving Car: Detroit Strikes Back

    How Google’s self-driving cars detect and avoid obstacles

    Honda Introduces Self-Driving Car

    Do Self-Driving Cars Spell Doom for Auto Insurers?

  4. SelfDrivingCar.com is for sale at HugeDomains.com for $750,000.

    • Thesaurus domains which one Google or other Big companies adopt

      Singular Domains:


      Plural Domains:


  5. Great one Zournas! Wish you the best with it.

    Though late on this tech i have DriverlessDrive in the .com

  6. I hate to tell you but we have been flying in self-flying planes for years but they still call them planes

    • Not exactly the same thing. People are using the term. I have never heard anyone saying “self-flying plane”. You are the first.
      And they are not exactly self flying. Googled “self-flying planes” and got this:
      “It’s true that commercial jets have sophisticated computers, but pilots are still the ones flying.”
      More like a cruise control.

      And cars are a lot more common items than planes.

      “Smart phones” .com is valuable even if they call them phones. People use both terms.

  7. Misprint Singular Domains : RobotCars.com – RobiticCar.com

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