was registered in 2005. WHY???

I have wrote a couple of time before about Conan O’Brien and how he is using the domain name as a porn parody website. He has produced 6 videos and posted them on I understand that is a quite popular website, so as it happens most of the time with trafficked non .com websites, someone goes and registers the popular domain name in .com. They register the name together with the TLD and they expect to get some of the traffic from the other TLD and they usually succeed. This time someone registered The domain name is parked at Voodoo and displays adult links. So I wondered when did the owner buy this domain? In June or July 2012?

I went to whois to see who got it and when but I saw that it was registered in 2005. Conan O’Brien started using only a few months back and .xxx didn’t even exist until 2011. So why would someone register 7 years ago?

I checked to see if this had something to do with Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer(1984) movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I found an adult film called “This Ain’t Conan The Barbarian” that is a parody of these movies but also this came out last year. I then checked to see if there are any famous pornstars called Conan but nothing. is no help. I see and adult warning in 2006 but I can’t see anything else past that. I can’t find anything. Does anyone know why this domain was registered in 2005? Please help. It is driving me mad.


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  1. i see what your problem is… you’re trying to use logic in the domain industry.
    bad bad very bad. i’m a lot like conan… i just try to be handsome and let my domains speak for themselves.

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