Top 10 Posts In August At Donuts, Frank Schilling, TRAFFIC And Flippa

logo01-photoAugust was a bit slower for in terms of views and visitors but it is a month that everybody gets a bit of a break and vacations. Nevertheless about 500 comments were made by readers.

The most popular post by far was Donuts and their attack on .com. The post had more than 120 comments. Other topics included Frank Schilling, ARI Registry, TRAFFIC, Flippa and Namejet.

Here are the top 10 posts for August 2014 in terms of views:

  1. Donuts: “.COM has become diluted and meaningless. It adds nothing to an identity.”
  2. Frank Schilling: “This is one of the most exciting times in naming since the large scale adoption of .com names”
  3. ARI Registry Criticizes The Purchase Of For $500,000+
  4. 2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Award Nominations Announced
  5. How Did RetailMeNot Get 849 .Codes Domains In Sunrise Without Any Trademarks?
  6. Dear Ryan, Is A Real Domain And Not A “Test” Domain And It Is Mine
  7. Flippa Introduces The Domain Catalog And Becomes A Full-Blown Marketplace
  8. Get Better Google Ranking With HTTPS
  9. Namejet Refuses To Refund Backorder Made Last Year (Just Won A Domain I Dropped)
  10. A Few Thoughts On The TRAFFIC Awards Nominations

And a few good ones that most people missed most probably because of bad timing:

  1. European Domain Centre Sees The Future Of The New gTLDs With Rick Schwarz, Frank Schilling and 10 Other Experts
  2. Archeo 2nd Quarter Sales:,,
  3. .REALTOR Launches Offering 500,000 Free Domains To It’s Members
  4. No, You Can’t Even Lease A .NYC Domain Name To Someone Outside New York
  5. .London Priority Period Was A Bloody Mess

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