Frank Schilling encouraging all to go to NamesCon in Las Vegas – Next stop: TRAFFIC East

Frank Schilling owner of the platform send an email to all the DNS customers encouraging them to attend NamesCon starting in a few days. John Smrekar, Eddie Mullen, and Sevan Derderian will also be in attendance to explain some of the DNS features. NamesCon will take place in Las Vegas in January 13-15 2014. The conference will have more than 450 attendees. More tickets were released after the show sold out and Flippa is running a contest to win a free ticket.

It seems that Frank Schilling and DNS will not be attending the next TRAFFIC West domain name conference happening once again in Last Vegas. (May 28-31 2014). But they will be attending TRAFFIC East in September 2014.

Here is the email:


We are looking forward to seeing you all (and encourage you all to attend) NamesCon this January. This is the last domain end-user conference we plan to attend before September?s TRAFFIC East. Myself, John Smrekar, Eddie Mullen, and Sevan Derderian will be in attendance. We will be taking this opportunity to explain some of the features of our platform, and I look forward to sharing some of our plans for making you more money. Hotel rooms at $79 and record low airfares give us no excuse. If you were thinking about coming.. This is your show. See you next week.

Warmly, Frank.


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