What’s New At Flippa: A Mid-2014 Update From Flippa’s General Manager Nick Kenn

flippaFlippa’s general manager Nick Kenn provided an update of the latest new features that Flippa has introduced. In the past 3 months Flippa has introduced loads of brand new features, welcomed it’s 500,000th member and also celebrated it’s 5th birthday.

Flippa now has 41,600 (as of August 28th) domain names listed in the Domain Catalog.

In January you could browse from 300 domains and 20 apps listed alongside numerous web businesses. Now, with Fall approaching, Flippa has over 70 apps and over 40,000 domains for sale alongside all the web businesses.

One of the most interested new features is that an auction never dies. If an auction ended unsold or you’re a buyer and you’ve found an unsold auction via “Advanced Search”, it’s not too late. Post Auction Negotiations enable the seller to contact all bidders and watchers at the click of a button to put out a post-auction offer. Buyers can also send an offer to the seller of an unsold auction. This is proving to be hugely popular since it launched and it’s closing even more deals for Flippa users.

Here’s what else is new:

  • Domains – Flippa’s domains Catalog launched in May.  It’s an alternative to auctioning your domain if you’re not in a hurry to sell.  Listing is free and the duration is 12 months. There are 40,000 quality domains to choose from right now with filters for extensions like .com, brandable words and domain hacks amongst others
  • Apps –  It’s now free to list iOS Apps at Flippa and the marketplace is booming with buyers and sellers alike
  • Starter Websites – Flippa’s Starter Sites section is perfect for those who are starting out and want the ‘just add water’ experience. Dozens of beginner sites, all set up and ready to go, all of them provided by Flippa’s Super Sellers
  • Deal Flow – at the high-end, Flippa’s Deal Flow brokerage service has sold $3.68M in web properties in Q2 this year.  Right now there are 15 listings live ranging from $30k-$650k. We’ve quickly become the go-to destination for high-end web business buyers and sellers

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  1. In regards to Domain Catalog, I don’t think listings are free?

    Got a newletter from Flippa saying: Flippa’s Domain Catalog Fees Have Been Reduced!

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