Flippa Weekly Domain Sales: SEO.io $11,000, Baguette.com $6,999, Christian.net $4,500

flippaHighest sale this week at Flippa was the domain name SEO.io that was sold for $11,000.

Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 5 domains of this week’s list. These Flippa post-auction negotiations are working very well.

There were 7 domains that were sold by Buy-It-Now and newly introduced Domain Catalog had 3 sales this week.

BTW Flippa announced that you can relist any domain for free now. Until February 8 you can re-list any and all of your unsold domain auctions for free. Simply navigate to your unsold auction and click the link at the top prompting to “Relist your listing for free!”
*re-listings are free for standard Domain-only auctions through 2/08/2015 (PST)

Top Flippa Domain Sales from the past week:SEO.io  @ $11,000  (Flippa Exclusive Brokerage ~ Negotiated Post-Auction)
Baguette.com  @ $6,999  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
Christian.net  @ $4,500  (Domain Catalog Sale)
Designer.io  @ $3,000  (Buy It Now)
ExerciseShoes.com  @ $2,000  (Buy It Now)
Pubs.net  @ $2,000
Mesquite.org  @ $1,600  (Buy It Now)
DevForex.com  @ $950  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
PrivateDetective.org  @ $805  ($1 Reserve)
ListedHouses.com  @ $805  ($1 Reserve)
Pipz.com  @ $800  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
Russh.com  @ $700  (Buy It Now)
Flashings.com  @ $611  ($1 Reserve)
AirfareAnywhere.com  @ $500  (Buy It Now)
SpaceHD.com  @ $500  (Buy It Now)
BlissVideos.com  @ $500  (Domain Catalog Sale)
DrumMusic.com  @ $475  (Domain Catalog Sale)
NUKD.com  @ $420  ($1 Reserve)
BestMortgageCompany.org  @ $351  (Buy It Now)
Ministry.info  @ $325  ($1 Reserve)
W8.io  @ $293
Poker.guru  @ $275
PPV.io  @ $259  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
Bankroll.org  @ $205


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I got a question for Flippa their is a seller there who works for flippa, as well sells domains KCGroup


    Do you think this is Kosher? dual status on a sales platform, employee, and seller

    • Hi Robbie,

      Ali was so good at selling his own domains, others started requesting his services. He started to get pretty good at selling others’ domains, too.

      So we’ve recently brought him on as Senior Broker at Flippa.

      Many of the sales you see reported are his clients’ domains. We’ll soon be adding an official section on the site for domains brokerage, as well as transitioning Ali’s account into an administrative one.

      …and adding more brokers as we go.

      If you have any questions about this or anything else, please contact me via Domains@Flippa


  2. Thanks for the coverage, Konstantinos. This is last week’s sales tally, though I know you’re still catching up from Namescon (was great meeting you there, by the way).

    One thing I want to make sure is clear is that the Free Relist promo is good through February 8th, 2015 — there’s a reference in your post to “30 days” and I don’t want people to get confused.


    • You are right. I am trying to catch up. Probably will do in the weekend.
      It was great meeting you too Kevin.

      I will make the 30-day promo more clear.

      • Talking about Names con, i finally landed back in NY. Two weeks in Vegas are tough,i almost became real Las Veagas person, and started giving out fliers 😉

        How you doing after names con?

      • Hi Art,
        how was the next show?
        2 weeks in Vegas is like 2 months anywhere else!
        What fliers? Did anyone see any fliers? 🙂

        I am just starting to catch up. Even 8 days was too much.
        Did you see your photo on my twitter? You are on the wine.club auction photo!

      • I didnt know you had a twitter?! will check it out. It was affiliate summit. Fliers that we got offers for on every corner and every street 🙂 the uncensored ones.

        I just landed, still trying to recover after the show. Ya, i think weekend in Vegas is good, but anything over 5 is gets tough.

        Over last weekend, my jacket got stolen at one of the bars :(. i liked that jacket too..

      • Are you on twitter?
        Was the affiliate summit any good?

        I insist I know nothing about fliers. lol

        That is bad about your jacket. It was nice.
        I heard the flier girls are stealing…
        Now you need to sell a domain to get a new one. 🙂

  3. Haha, yep, those flier girls definitely ones to blame. And i do need to sell some domains :)) for jacket or not.

    I am on twitter, look for meetupdotnyc on twitter.
    Affiliate summit was good, but i am early for that stage, so was more informative then useful.

  4. Whoever bought SEO(.)io is going to realize that’s a horrible mistake.

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