My First Interaction With Go Daddy Chat Support

As you may have heard Go Daddy has discontinued the email support for some months now. They only use live chat and phone support now. They thought that email support was too slow. And it was. I usually got a first response 24 to 48 hours after I opened a ticket but the main problem was that the response was always a canned one, telling you to check the FAQ.

None of my problems were not resolved reading the FAQ, which I did read before contacting support, so I usually ended up going back an forth with the Go Daddy support for a few days until I got them to actually DO something instead of telling me “read the FAQ” or “this is not possible”. I was only getting one response per day no matter how fast I replied to them.

The other day I had a problem with a refund that I had once before a few months back. So because it was night here in Greece and the new European phone support center was closed (it is not open 24/7 as the US one) I thought about trying the Go Daddy chat support. I didn’t use the US phone support as it is very expensive to call US from Greece.

godaddy-support1You can find the chat support at the bottom right of the go Daddy support webpage. Take a look at the photo on the left.




godaddy-support2So I opened the chat support you can see on the left and got this message:

A product expert will be with you soon. Estimated wait time is 16 minutes. Thank you for your patience.


It was early evening in the US so most offices were closed so this is why I had to only wait 16 minutes. The wait was actually more than 30 minutes but that is ok for me.

So I finally started talking with Aaron that was polite and professional but didn’t end up fixing my problem. And it was a problem that had been fixed before. Not by support though. It was fixed by the so called “Office of the CEO” or OCEO.

The Office of the CEO is something like a supervisor in Go Daddy. They have access to all the departments such as billing, tech and support and if there is someone that can solve a not-so-typical problem, it’s them.

The problem with Aaron was that he somehow had some bad info, probably from an internal FAQ. I was told that the fee that I was asking to be refunded was not refundable. I know it was refundable because everybody is getting it refunded including myself. And I had been told by the Office of the CEO that it was refundable and that they had some issues with refunds months ago.

When he encountered a problem he couldn’t fix, that is make a refund, he pointed me to the billing department. Funny thing is that he suggested emailing the billing department even though email support has stopped.

Finally, after I saw him my post from March he talked with OCEO and he told me that they will contact me with more details.

The OCEO emailed me the same day saying that they were sorry I was having the same problem and I got the refund the next day. They told me that they would investigate why this problem persists.

I was connected to the Go Daddy chat support for over an hour. 30 minutes of waiting time, 20 minutes of chat and another 20 minutes waiting for Aaron to talk to the OCEO.

Chat support didn’t actually solved my problem but at least they made an effort and succeeded to mediate the problem to other departments.

(A few people have told me that there is no chat support. They might be confusing chat support with email support that are 2 different things. Only the email support was stopped.)


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  1. Gd chat is not available for many countries. Anyway waiting time is horrible and not acceptable for people who respect their own time.
    Try compare waiting time between godaddy and namecheap chat.
    There is no comparison.
    Also, many Godaddy reps are famous for knowing less than people who ask them.
    Or often even give you wrong information – in your case you knew he was wrong but try imagine you did not know that..

  2. 123-reg within the UK has a live chat support during business hours and weekends, as well as ticket (email) support. The email support average first response time is under 10 minutes!

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