The Go Daddy Refunds For New gTLD EAP Domain Pre-Orders Are Still Having Trouble

I was doing some quarterly taxes and I found by accident that Go Daddy owes me some money once again. $150 this time. Do you remember how I found out that Go Daddy was owning me $2,850 back in March because they were not making refunds of New gTLD pre-registrations properly?

See what happened back in March in my posts “Go Daddy is inclined to miss EAP pre-registrations: They keep the EAP fee and pay nothing to Donuts” and “Go Daddy Refunds EAP Pre-Registration Fees to Affected Customers“.

I was told by Go Daddy that the problem would be fixed soon and it was actually fixed in most cases. I had several EAP pre-orders that were refunded ok but this one was not. That was in late March.

On the 17th of May I made an EAP pre-order for one of the Donuts New gTLDs and specifically a .foundation domain name.

I ended up getting my domain at another registrar so I was naturally expecting a refund in my paypal account but that never happened. Not properly anyway. On the 19th of May I was only refunded the registration fee that was $40,17 and not the day 5 EAP fee that was $150. (They make 2 separate charges on the order.)

I spoke with the Go Daddy Chat, as email support has been discontinued, and they told me that the EAP fee is not refundable. I am sure that they got it from a FAQ or somewhere because that is where I found it myself back in March. I had to wait for an hour so they could talk with the Office of the CEO, as they call it, and then I got an email reply from OCEO that they are sorry this happened again and that they are working on it. That was yesterday and I just now got the refund for the $150.

Everybody should check their refunds. You need to make sure all “Early Registration Fees” are refunded.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. So the customer support department had to consult the “Office of the CEO” for a refund of $150.00??…. WOW, the “Office of the CEO” should be preparing for it’s $100 million IPO not dealing with $150 refunds…. That is assuming the “Office of the CEO” really has something to do with the CEO. In the event the “Office of the CEO” has nothing to do with the CEO, that would be deceptive. So either way there is a problem…….My suggestion to GODADDY would be to rename the “Office of the CEO” department and be honest and transparent……Regarding their marketing, they are making improvements as I have witnessed the well done New G commercial with no sexism and BS.

  2. It seems every question you think godaddy support could answer themselves, gets transferred to another department lol. You would think something as major as that would be discussed across all the levels.

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