Namescout Announces Changes To Domain Management

Namescout announced today some important changes to their domain name
management. Apart from introducing an advanced website domain management system some of the new features include an option to cancel a domain whenever you want (and reverse the cancellation within 30 days) and a way to reverse an auto-renew that you forgot to turn off.

Here are the announced changes:

Great News. Domain Management Made Easy.
Introducing the biggest enhancement to domain management, ever. We merely set out to create a better experience – one that simplifies your life – and in the process we advanced website management, forever.

Keep your domains for as long as you want them.
When you register a domain with us, it’s your domain. We’ll bill you for it annually until you tell us you don’t want it anymore. Then the bills will stop. We know you’re busy. If you forget to cancel a domain before your annual charge, no problem. Let us know within 30 days and we’ll take care of you.

When you no longer want a domain, cancel it.
No expiry dates. No renewal periods. No confusing billing cycles. When you no longer want a domain, cancel it. You’ll have 30 days to change your mind. And if you do, you can restore your domain in seconds.

Your experience is top of mind.
We’ve made domain management easier, and the tools and services you enjoy are still there. Prepay for up to 10 years, quickly see your domain’s next billing date, or edit multiple domain settings at once. If a domain is cancelled, we’ll notify everyone on your account.

Help others join the revolution. Tell your friends.
Share the ease of simplified domain management with your friends. Give them 15% off new domains or transfers. Give yourself 15% off your next purchase too. Use code HIGHFIVE.

Enjoy your day, we’ve got your domains covered.
As always, domains and services are subject to our Terms and Conditions and to keeping your account in good standing.

Login and consult your Domain Manager to see the upcoming Billing Dates of your domains.


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