CentralNic launches Domain.Luxury website to sell .Luxury domains

CentralNic Group PLC said Monday that it had launched a new website, DOMAIN.LUXURY, for the sale of new domain names ending in .luxury through its subsidiary TLD Registrar Solutions.
CentralNic chief executive Ben Crawford said: “.LUXURY is one of the most successful new TLDs to launch so far, having already signed over 500 brands in their Sunrise.”
“Other companies applied for dozens, even hundreds, of top-level domains, and so far few of them have come close to what .LUXURY has already achieved. We are therefore very excited to be launching the DOMAIN.LUXURY website.”
Over 500 brands had already signed up for domain names with the .luxury top level domain, including Chanel SA,

Société Cartier, Gucci Group and Gianni Versace SpA, during its initial 60 day window for trademark holders only.Following the close of this initial period, where domains were offered at USD1,199 for trademark holders, the www.domain.luxury site will now offer domains for USD699.

General availability opens om the 19th May 2014 15:00 UTC where all .luxury domains are available to the general public with the $699 standard registration/renewal price.

TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd (TRS), an ICANN Accredited Registrar, is the only available registrar for .luxury domains and is providing a domain registration and management service through the www.domain.luxury website.

The website is only available in English today but CentralNic is currently developing French, Italian and Chinese versions of the site.


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