RightOfTheDot & CentralNic Launch Websites To Sell City New gTLD’s Domains

newgtldCentralNic plc announced its joint venture with domain name consultancy RightOfTheDot, LLC, to create specialist new retail websites for the sale of “city domains”.

These new city-specific domains include:

All websites are powered by the registrar Internet BS that was recently acquired by CentralNic. When you try to buy a domain name you get redirected to the Internet BS website.

rightofthedot-centralnic2b rightofthedot-centralnic1b

The joint venture will also see the roll-out of specialist online stores for an additional 12 cities and geographic regions by the end of the year.

The companies aim to “create specialist and innovative new retail websites for the sale of “city domains” as part of the most important reorganisation of the internet since its inception; the advent of new Top-Level Domains (“TLDs”).”

“With the traditional internet domain-name endings of .com, .org and country codes such as .co.uk and .de being supplemented with city–specific domain endings, such as .vegas and .london, this new joint venture with CentralNic and RightOfTheDot will see the creation of specialty online retail outlets targeting businesses and consumers interested in acquiring domains with more relevant, City endings. These new City endings have significant marketing and SEO benefits for businesses that seek to set themselves apart from similarly named businesses in other cities in the world.”

“This development comes as part of the effective execution of CentralNic’s on-going strategy of creating a world-class retail business for new Top-Level Domains. The JV with RightOfTheDot follows the Group’s recent acquisition of global top 30 domain name retailer Internet.BS, as well as the launches of domain retail sites such as domain.build, buy.menu, .la, buydomains.london, domain.luxury, registry.africa.com.”

Commenting on the joint venture, CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford said: “The roll-out of these new city domains presents an exciting opportunity in the industry of TLDs.  We anticipate that these new domains will be hugely popular for businesses across the globe, and so we are excited to be making the necessary investments to become a part of this new series of TLDs.

“In regards to this JV, the Principals of RightoftheDot are among the most experienced, successful and respected executives in the domain name industry, responsible for over $350 million in domain name sales between them.  We are delighted to be partnering our retail business with a team with such a strong track record.”

Monte Cahn, President at RightOfTheDot, said: “The new online retail stores that we will be creating with CentralNic will offer consumers and businesses the simplest way of obtaining the new and highly desirable web destinations being rolled out by ICANN.  We are very excited about our partnership with CentralNic for the building of unique and individual sales channels for some of the World’s most popular TLDs.  With over 15 years of experience in running successful registrars and registrar channels, we will add value to this partnership as well as to the entire domain name industry.”

For further information:

CentralNic (LSE: CNIC) is a London-based AIM-listed company which earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names over a technology platform that it developed and manages.  These domain names are sold on an annual subscription basis and paid for by customers upfront, making CentralNic a cash-generative business with annuity revenue streams.  CentralNic comprises three business lines within the domain name industry.  It operates a global wholesale network, supplying domain names to over 1,500 vendors in 77 countries, and is a leader in wholesaling for new Top-Level Domains – the new endings for domain names being introduced as alternatives to .com and .net. CentralNic is the exclusive wholesaler for all domains ending with .tickets, .website, .wiki, .bar, .feedback and .xyz, with more than 50 others under contract.  CentralNic is also a leading global domain name retailer, with its retail websites including internetbs.net, buydomains.london and domain.luxury.  Additionally, via its enterprise programme, CentralNic supplies domain names (including high-value premium domain names), software and services directly to large corporations and governments.

For more information please visit: www.centralnic.com

About Right Of The Dot, LLC

RightOfTheDot, LLC is an Internet consulting and advertising firm specialising in contention resolution and private auction services, new and existing TLD strategy, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales, brokerage and services.  The Principals of Right of the Dot LLC are two of the most experienced and successful executives in the domain name industry:

Monte Cahn has been pioneering domain name and virtual property aftermarket services since 1995, participating in the sale of more than $350,000,000 in domain name sales & brokerage, including the industry’s first domain name sale for over $1 million dollars with the sale of Wallstreet.com in 1999.  He Founded Moniker.com a Top 7 ICANN Accredited Registrar in the year 2000 where he was CEO and President.  He also served as President of SnapNames.com.  He managed more than 10 million domains, and 117 ICANN Accredited Registrars.

Michael H. Berkens, Esq. is a lawyer and a domain valuation and development expert. He founded Worldwide Media Inc., in 1997, which owns and manages an investment portfolio of more than 75,000 domains. Its retail site, MostWantedDomains.com, is responsible for tens of millions in domain sales. Since 2007, Michael has published a widely-read blog call TheDomains.com, in which has published over 7,500 posts, which have generated well over 80,000 published comments. TheDomains.com has generated over 8.5 million visits.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. So these companies are looking at hardcore domainers to market their gtlds now… I think most people don’t want tier 3 or 4 names, like .nyc offered up.

    • What do you mean tier 3 or 4 names? They have reserved only top 2-3k premium names, the rest were open to land rush and public.

      • I think that he refers to .com as tier 1, .net .org etc tier 2 and so on…

      • For now sure. But unlike .berling or .london where they have .com and .de and .eu and actually all of them used activelly, hence its very specific target. While . london has .uk and ca.uk . Also a lot of extension that dilute need for .london.

        In US its a bit different, .com is still super used and i would say main recognized brand. And mid Tier extension .us never really caught on. .org has not for profit association and .net/.info is meh. Hence when we look from top down, we can see that .nyc is one of the better local extension that has been release because there is no .de or .eu a mid tier to dilute and defocus attention on it.
        Plus .berlin has another problem , its german speaking country so it adds an extra layer of confusion. Which devalues extension.

        Konstantinos, your thoughts?

      • .Eu is on par with .us or even worse. It misses the country connection.
        Nobody thinks themselves as Europeans but rather as German or English.
        And .uk and .co.uk are pretty much 1 extension.

        Us has .com and in lesser extent .us and .org/.net but more importantly it has ****nyc.com and nyc***.com and several others like ***ny.com etc.
        Almost no one in Germany is using ****de.com or ****berlin.com.

        And the confusion is to foreign (domainers) and not to the Berlin people.

  2. I believe that this will be another .FAIL for our friends at ROTD. No one seems interested in gtlds. I am curious as to how they think they are going to sell them to anyone.

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