.Rich registry parks 16 domain names at Sedo (iam.rich, born.rich)

The .Rich registry, I-Registry Ltd., has registered 16 .rich domains to a sister company of theirs called i-content Ltd. All domains are parked at Sedo and are for sale. It seems that more registries are following Uniregistry’s practice that transferred ownership of thousands of reserved domains, from their new gTLDs such as .link, .sexy and .gift, to a shell company names North Sound Names and parked them at DomainNameSales.com.

The 16 domain names were registered at the Key-Systems, LLC registrar. .Rich domains start at about $2,500 per year retail. Key-Systems, LLC seems to be one of the most expensive .rich registrars selling the domains at about $3,500.

The .rich wholesale price is rumored to be at $1,750 so one can only wonder if the i-content Ltd is paying full price. If they do they would essentially be paying Key-Systems $1,750 per year for each domain. Most of these domains are registered for 2 years and only 4 are registered for 1 year. So that would be 28 * $1,750 = $49,000. But I doubt it that the registry is paying full fee to the registrar.

Here is the list of the 16 domains parked at Sedo:

Now my other question is what the buyer will be paying at Sedo and if the buyer is going to be notified of the these extreme renewals fees prior to the purchase of the domain names. Will there be full disclosure?

Even if you buy one of the domains for $100 at Sedo you will be hit with a $2500 bill when you try to transfer the domain name out of the current registrar, not to mention the recurring yearly renewals…


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  1. Gee, I sure wish I ran a land registry in a country where I could pick the nicest land and transfer it into a sister company instead of, well, being a REGISTRY.

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