Domainers Choice Awards 2014 Nominees (Where is Rick Schwartz?)

The Domainers Choice Awards 2014 nominees were announced today and one major domainer name is missing from the nominees: Rick Schwartz.

I voted for him as a nominee for the Domain Ambassador award. I know that Rick’s choice has been to stop blogging for the past 2 months but that is no reason for people not to include him in their nominations. Sure everyone has the freedom to vote anyone they like but I am a bit disappointed…

Here are the Domainers Choice Awards 2014 nominees:

Domain Ambassador

  • Elliot Silver
  • Frank Schilling
  • Richard Lau

Best Industry Conference

  • Namescon
  • Domainfest
  • Traffic

Best Industry Customer Service Rep

  • Bari Meyerson
  • Joe Higgins
  • Paul Nicks

Quiet Champion

  • Brian Gilbert
  • Nat Cohen
  • Phil Corwin

Best Domainer Resource


Best Domain Auctions

  • Sedo

Best Domain Marketplace


Best Domain Financial Service


Best Domain Publication


Best Legal Services

  • Zak Muscovitch
  • John Berryhill
  • Dave Winslow

Most Helpful Resource for Newcomers


 Best Domain Industry Forum


Best Parking Solution


Best Independent Broker

  • Mike Robertson
  • Ryan Colby
  • Andrew Rosener

Best Brokerage


Favorite NEW gTLD

  • .app
  • .club
  • .web

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I agree I think Rick is a more vocal ambassador with his sherpa show, traffic auction, and his udrp website. Not sure Elliot has achieved such a level yet.

  2. I don’t know any of them on a personal level but Rick should be on the list, He just says how it is.
    I put DomainSherpa as the most important for beginning or advanced domainers. Even if your advanced and you pick up a tip like from Adam Dicker or anyone it is well worth it to watch those videos does not matter who you are.

  3. You should have been the BEST DOMAIN PUBLICATION. should have been Included!!

    This is all insider trading stock lol….sorry Kantos, but you deserve to be on the list this year. No one could come close to your publication. – used to be good, but now its like one paragraph and rest is copy and paste. But still c – mostly ads publcation and rest is reported domain name sales, not great info, can use nameboi for sales. – deserves the nominee 🙂

    • Thank you all for your kind words but this is not about me.
      I am new in blogging compared to most of the feeds in domaining.
      But Rick has been around and vocal for ever…

      • Although I give the credit to Rick, he deserve it, But It is NOT FAIR to give yourself prizes when you are the one who is organizing the show, hope it makes sense.

  4. should be listed in several categories……..Can anyone explain how it is not?

  5. I haven’t checked the awards thing, but in case ou do, and don’t find Eric Borgos, and his blog, then don’t believe the hype.

    I also think Zournas should be nominated with anything related to New gTLDs.
    But, I hate elitism, and awards have all the trappings of it; I bet it’s done based on just pure elitism. If you look at past events of any awards, you’d probably see the same characters and friends giving each other awards.

    If Schwartz is a perceived adversary, he will not be nominated in certain circles.

    It’s just that simple. So I don’t recognize any awards show in domain name activities. And they don’t recognize me, and that’s fair.

  6. Konstantinos is the only journo who has shown any balls this year. Instead of just regurgitating PR, he was out there calling people out for poor service and bad practice.

    Without Konstantinos’ name on the list, the whole of the list itself loses all credibility.

  7. All those ridicoulous nominations don’t have the value of this blog alone.
    Thank you Konstantinos for maintaining the unique blog that is not run by a puppet.

  8. I take all of your comments to heart. The people you mentioned did get nominations, just not enough. Konstantinos does have a great blog and I only recently discovered it and started reading here myself. The only way Konstantinos can get on this list is if he is nominated to be there. He got less votes than the number of people here who said he belonged on the list. I expect critique as much as praise but I have to ask…why didn’t you vote! Konstantinos works hard for you people could have and should have voted. You people let him down. Not me, not the system. Sorry Konstantinos, you know I have great respect for you.

    • Hi Donna,
      thank you for your comment.
      I wasn’t let down because I did not expect to be a nominee.
      I was just disappointed about Rick which I voted for.
      Best regards

      • Konstantinos, sorry..I know that. I just saw all the comments saying you should be there and thought I would point out a real life example answer to why some might not make the list. Your own readers provided one of the possible reasons he didn’t make the list. I didn’t even take your post headline as anything more than a question.

    • Donna – You mention, “He got less votes than the number of people here who said he belonged on the list.”………………Out of nearly 300 votes he got less than the number of people here?. ……..I don’t intend to dishonor those who won, but some clarification would help many of us understand. Thank you.

    • Are you kidding me? If kontos blogged about voting we would definitely vote. The whole voting system is hoopla.

      Rick is saying all the gtld companies come out there and you say less votes but the fact is onlinedomain. Com is the best blog cover gtld.

      Give me list of publications by other blogs and the. Compare those to kantos, you will not even believe your mind.

      It’s ok we readers will be supporting onlinedomain with all heart. I have great respect for kantos and he is new to blogging but not fairly new. He is beast and know what he is doing and I think very powerful domaining blog.

      Thanks kontos 🙂

  9. Donna wrote to me in private that she is not comfortable posting here any more.
    Please people take it a bit easy.
    In general if you don’t vote you can’t complain about the outcome.

    • Donna, don’t feel comfortable posting at this blog anymore, because she feel uncomfortable typing the reality.

      But Donna, dont have anything against you, but it is out my question how you guys take the vote, and when are the voting period open, atleast I hope you guys can afford to feature one headline on for opening the voting system considering Traffic is doing business around close to half a million in tickets 🙂

      With all due respect, Konstantinos, you have got a good Blog and also traffic is a good source to network with other domainers, it is just this voting thing was unfair.

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