What .com domains get to benefit from the New gTLD traffic leakage? (poll)

Part 1
Let’s say a New gTLD domain name (Domainname.Newgtld) is registered, developed and becomes pretty popular. Which .com domain name(s) get to benefit from the traffic leakage? It helps if you have a certain domain name in mind. I don’t want to give an example so I don’t influence the poll.

What .com domains (if any) get to benefit from the New gTLD traffic leakage?


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Part 2

Now let’s assume that the whole New gTLD gets popular and that there is also a developed website at Newgtld.com that matches both the registrar and visitor New gTLD target group. What domains or website, in this case, get to benefit from the traffic leakage over time?


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Please explain your reasoning at the comments below.


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  1. The key assumption is that significant development occurs on a new extension. If the best keywords are in the hands of domainers, then there is no leakage. If end users buy a few and just redirect them to their existing .COMs, no leakage. However, there will be considerable press about the new TLDs this year so it is possible that new TLD adoption may occur more quickly than has been the case with TLD launches of the past. .CO looks like a typo of .COM so it is prone to leakage but I do not believe leakage is as significant with other extensions.

  2. Everything will bleed to the exactmatch.com for quite a while. Eventually people may try and figure out where the “new” site is but all of the .whatevers will be seen as a gimmick for some time. imo

  3. I didn’t vote because I couldn’t find my choice:

    DomainnameNewgtld.com and Domainname.Newgtld.com

  4. Regardless of whether the popularity of any new TLD, any site that is DomainNameTLD.Com is the most likely to get the most.

    While other leaks may happen, I feel that the LEAST leak is for somebody who intended to go to DomainNameTLD.Com Dom to accidentally go to DomainName.TLD. In fact, I would venture to say they would get ZERO of the traffic intended to go to the .com.

  5. Maybe I am missing something here. I don’t get why anyone on this planet would want a gtld knowing that they leak daily traffic and email. Would you pick up a kid with a leaky diaper? Would you put a leaky pen in your pocket? Would ride in a vessel with a leak? Why would you want your business’ website to have one then? In light of the conversation above, I see no value to any of the new gtlds and have made the no-brainer decision to suggest that my customers stick with .com.

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