Domain Name Q&A – January 27th 2014 ( sale to GoDaddy confirmed)

I am using the search terms that visitors of my blog are using at Google and other search engines to find my website. Some of the search terms are in the form of a question and some are not. I attempt to answer 5 of these questions every day. Answers are usually kept sort. Anyone that wants to ask a domain related question please use the “contact us” form.

I also get a lot of inquiries for my domain names. Anyone interested can leave a comment at the landing page. People may leave a strange or funny comment and that is featured in “Inquiry of the day”.

Inquiry of the day:
Domain Name: F*********
Name: Cats
Comments: meow
Offer: $2
Offer: $20
Offer: $500
Offer: $1,000
Offer: $5,000
Offer: $20,000
Comments: hi
(Are “cat” people ok?)

Question 1:
go daddy get found reviews
Answer 1:
I don’t have a “Get Found” review that is a service that Go Daddy launched 2 weeks ago but I do have the Super Bowl 2014 commercial video from Go Daddy. I also reported that Go Daddy bought the domain name was bought by Go Daddy but I wasn’t 100% sure. Well, now I am. now redirects to the homepage of as its nameservers were just updated.

Question 2:
I’ve never registered or made a domain before, so what registrar do you feel is the best,
in terms of simplicity and service? I’m looking for ones without hidden fees, that also
give me free emails. Is it difficult to set up a website, with WordPress?
Thank you!
Answer 2:
Where are you from? I would choose a registrar from your country as it seems that you will only need 1-2 domain names. Most registrar don’t have hidden fees and few offer free email. You can setup a simple WordPress website pretty easily. Making template or php modifications is not for the average user.

Question 3:
Can I get sued by eBay for having the domain name
Answer 3:
Yes you can. Although it more probable that you will get a UDRP complaint. Ebay has filed over 30 UDRP complaints so far.

Question 4:
Who can register a .us domain name?
Answer 4:
.US is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States, and can be registered for between 1 and 10 years. To register a .US domain name, you must fall within a certain set of requirements. The Nexus Requirements state that registrants of .US domain names can be either:

  • an individual who is a citizen of, or lives in, the United States and any of it possessions or territories.
  • An organisation or company based within the United States, or any of its possessions or territories. This includes all non-commercial, federal, state, or local governmental organisations, and their respective subdivisions, as long as they are based within the United States.
  • A foreign entity or organisation with a bona fide presence within the United States or any of its possessions or territories. This means that a foreign business or entity can register the domain, as long as they maintain an office or similar property within the United States, or regularly engage in lawful activities within the United States. For example, this includes the sales of goods or services within the United States. In cases such as these, the applicant must state their country of citizenship.
Registrants of .US domain names may be contacted by the .US Registry who carry out spot checks on their registrants to ensure that they fall under the Nexus Requirements. .US domain names do not support WhoIs Privacy.

Question 5:
How much is the two character .org?
Answer 5:
Which one? Take a look here for a few 2-character auctions.


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