Domain Name Q&A – January 17th 2014

I missed a couple of days because there were just too many announcements and news over the past week.

I am using the search terms that visitors of my blog are using at Google and other search engines to find my website. Some of the search terms are in the form of a question and some are not. I attempt to answer 5 of these questions every day. Answers are usually kept sort. Anyone can ask a domain related question using the “contact us” form.

I also get a lot of inquiries for my domain names. Anyone interested can leave a comment at the landing page. People may leave a strange or funny comment and that is featured in “Inquiry of the day”.

Inquiry of the day:
Comments: I have a sleeping problems for last many months..but i wait be normal… but yet i suffering to sleep. so i want to buy sleeping pills on online please help me how can i buy the pills

(This is getting sad and dangerous so I prefer the next one:)
Comment: i need some excellent sandwich recipe

Question 1:
how to change ustld nexus category
neustar .us nexus compliance category 2
Answer 1:
When registering a .us domain name you also have to pick the Nexus Category that applies to you because in case of a “.US NEXUS COMPLIANCE” review and if you don’t fulfill the nexus requirements your registration will be canceled. You should check the whois of your .us domain names to see if the correct category is posted there. If not you can change the category very easy in most registrars. Just login into your control panel and edit the nexus category.
The .us nexus compliance category 2 is “A United States entity or organization”. You have to prove that you own a US company by providing a certificate of formation from the US state that you were incorporated. Delaware companies are pretty cheap to setup and maintain.
Try reading the .us nexus requirements and compliance policy.

Question 2:
Project 94
Answer 2:
The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the .ORG registry, announced in 2012 that it would release 94 one and two character .ORG domains using Go Daddy and eNom (Namejet). 9 domains from the total 94 were country codes such as,,, and thus were not put up for auction. These 9 domain names are still not allocated.
In the 2 auctions at Go Daddy and Namejet 50 .org domains were sold for a total of $143,661. Not a single 1 character .org sold. Their $50,000 reserve was not met. Check out the final auction prices here.

Question 3: sale
Answer 3:
The domain name sold at Namejet for $6,050 in an auction last month after being the winning bidder of the first auction defaulted on payment. Bidder failed to pay the highest bid: $20,087.

Question 4:
message on our website is pending renewal or deletion namejet
Answer 4:
Your domain name displays this message because you haven’t paid the renewal fees at one of your registrars. If you don’t pay the renewal fee then your domain will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at Namejet is a domain name auction venue featuring expired domain name auctions from registrar such as Network Solutions, eNomCentral, Fabulous, ASCIO, DirectNIC and Melbourne IT.

Question 5:
2,884 cases with wipo arbitration and mediation center
Answer 5:
This is from the WIPO 2012 Review: 2,884 UDRPs filed (up 4.5%) for 5,084 domain names (74.8% of which were .com). The WIPO 2013 Review is not out yet. It should be out in April 2014.


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