Starting a new column today: Domain Name Q&A – January 6th 2014

I am starting a new column today called Domain Name Q&A. A lot of the readers of the Online Domain blog arrive not by direct navigation using the domain name or but through a search engine. Readers search for a term in Google and other search engines and a link to a webpage of this blog appears in the search results. Sometimes the searched term is passed to my website and can be used for reporting using e.g. google analytics. Although google is hiding most of the search terms, nearly 75-80%, there is still some data that reaches my blog.

Some of the search terms are in the form of questions and some are not. I am going to take these search terms, treat them all as questions and I will attempt to answer them every day. Answers are going to be kept sort, some will only be a word or a link. Anyone what wants to ask anything domain related can do so by using the “contact us” form of the blog. I will post 5 Q&A per day. Today is my first column.

I also get a lot of inquiries for my domain names that most are at the Domain Name Sales platform that anyone interested can leave a comment. Sometimes people leave a strange or funny comment and that is what is going to be featured in the “Inquiry of the day” section.

I am also thinking of posting the lowest and highest offers I get each day on my domain names that are for sale. Anyone interested in reading that? Please write a comment to let me know.

Inquiry of the day:
Comments on domain name sales lander: “I’m 18 over age”
(Really? So am I!)

how do i re-register my domain name that expires in 14 days…I’ve searched
for 8 hours with no progress? I cant find any informaition on how to re register my domain name on the yahoo smal business website. I have seached using yahoo small business.
google etc for info and contac numbrers emails whent through numeroius self answer chins and sent messages weeks ago to yahoo but so far I can figure out how to re register my domain name www.******,com. it has been down for weeks and it is effcting my business negatively. Plese help me if you can!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
Do you want to renew the domain?
You most likely need to go here to renew it:

Or renew your hosting? (because I see that your domain is not expired yet it not not display your content any more)

Do you want to transfer your domain to a different registrar?
Your domain name is registered with “Melbourne IT“, a company that also goes by the name of “INWW” or “Internet Names World Wide”. Melbourne IT frequently sells domain names through resellers; some of the steps below may require that you contact the company that sold you the domain name instead of contacting Melbourne IT directly.
Their largest reseller is Yahoo! Domains.

If you want to transfer your domain then you need the authorization code.
Go to
If necessary, sign into your Yahoo! Domains account using your existing Yahoo! ID and password.
Click Domain near the top of the page.
Click View Your Authorization Code.
The authorization code will be displayed to the right of your domain name.
Write it down, save it to a file, or print it out for later use. Please note that the authorization code is case-sensitive

Question: domain name
Answer: The domain name sold at Sedo for 75000 Euro ($103,318 USD) to the owner of

where is –
The Pirate Bay has moved from and to If you are looking for the Pirate Bay website try using or to get redirected to the most current domain name.

pacnames problems – why was pacnames deaccredited
Answer: Yes, you must have had a lot of pacnames problems and because of these problems pacnames was deaccredited by ICANN and it’s domains were transferred to the Net-Chinese Co. registrar.

domain names sold 2013
Check out the top year to date domain name sales of 2013 at DN Journal.


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  1. Very very clever, and interesting. It should be unpredictable and interesting.

  2. What a tricky idea! 🙂

    Question 1:
    Is it true that all domain bloggers are corrupted one by one with a new high level escort sent them each week in a box by Frank Schilling?

    Question 2:
    Why Domain Name Sales doesn’t put related keyword banners on all that free space you can see on their landing pages?

  3. Several times, I was researching a domain subject and have come across your articles ranked on top of the first page….Several times……..Good Job!

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