The .info domain flip: is it really possible? ( sold 3 times in 6 months, $6,750)

Afilias has auctioned off 300+ premium .info domains in the past 6 months and lately a lot of these domains are popping up in auctions or sales reports.

I get a lot of questions from readers on how to sell their .info domains fast. I always tell them that selling fast is not the best option and that they will almost never get the price they are looking for and/or an end user price. A couple of domains proved me wrong.

Especially domains that were bought in the 3 high profile .info auctions have reached their reseller ceiling and most of the time an auction at this time will lose money. These prices were not prices for an easy flip. By flip I mean getting at lease double of what you paid for. was a good flip but most of the other domains got almost half their original price. was auctioned off losing $4,447 and then it was auctioned off again earning $945. was the biggest success story… Here are the flip results on 8 of these .info domains:
Go Daddy: $8,293 (1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $6,200 Reserve Not Met (May)
Go Daddy: $12,205 (1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $9,655 Reserve Not Met (May)
Go Daddy: $5,005 (1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $10,805 (May)
Result: $5,800 profit (1st .info auction)
Go Daddy: $5,060 (1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $2,600 (May)
Result: $2,460 loss
Go Daddy: $2,693 (1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $1,488 (May)
Result: $1,205 loss
Go Daddy: $5,615 (2nd .info auction in December)
Afternic: $7,500 (May)
Result: $1,885 profit
Go Daddy: $9,002 (December 15, 1st .info auction in December)
Namejet: $4,555 (May 9)
Result: $4,447 loss
Flippa: $5,500 (May 21)
Result: $945 profit

And here is the biggest success story:
Namejet: $1,040 (May 6, 3rd .info Afilias auction)
Flippa: $6,750 (May 23)
Result: $5,710 profit

Maybe you can make the .info flip after all! Congrats to Luc-Andre BIGGS (aka Federer) for the and sales!

This probably also proves that if you put a lot of domains for auction at the same time, you will get lower prices.

PS I bought for $1,488. I was in the first auction but didn’t buy it because the price was a bit high for a reseller. I am glad I waited and finally got the domain but that is not good for the first buyer.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. The really has been intetesting to see the name take that big of a loss the first flip on Namejet. Good luck with

  2. So it was apparently a mistake to try to “cash in” on the namejet premium auctions by trying to flip previously auctioned names, but Luc is up on another .info auction at flippa. Some tactics apparently work better than others (ie, not flooding the market and driving prices down). It’s kinda an odd mix of publicity versus available cash. I plan to do a little more holding as the market is a little frothy right now.

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