sells for $20,300 at Flippa (seller flips the domain for a $8,800 profit within 1 month)

Afilias has auctioned off about 500 premium .info domains in the past 6 months and a lot of these domains are popping up in auctions. just sold for $20,300 at Flippa. The same seller sold for $11,650 a few days back. The seller is Luc-Andre Biggs that has made quite a few .info flips lately. Here are the latest flips:
Namejet: $460 (May 9, 3rd .info Afilias auction)
Flippa: $2,550 (May 29)
Result: $2,090 profit
Namejet: $3,000 (May 10, 3rd .info Afilias auction)
Flippa: $11,650 (May 30)
Result: $8,650 profit

And here his newest success story:
Namejet: $11,500 (May 7, 3rd .info Afilias auction)
Flippa$20,300 (June 11)
Result: $8,800 profit

Click below to see how the same seller, Luc-Andre Biggs (aka Federer), sold at Flippa for a$5,710 profit just 17 after he had bought the domain at the 3rd premium .info auction: The .info domain flip: is it really possible? ( sold 3 times in 6 months, $6,750). Luc also sold for $1,475 at Flippa on June 5.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. This post deserves to stay on the home pages of all domainers’ blogs.
    This is the prove (not actually required) that offering the optioning model to web developers is a win/win strategy.

    Where is the optioning platform?!?

  2. Actually games,quote and vacation .info are all without contents now. Maybe Flippa declares false sales… 🙂 anyway no one needs proves to understand that optioning would work very well for web developers who are able to develop sites that actually add value, to resell them to end users).

  3. Thanks for the clarification.
    Well, I think will not be able to go further in the price without development; games can go a little further; vacation can go further.

    This confirms that is need a serious optioning platform.

    Thank you for writing often very interesting posts.

  4. Just love the extension! 🙂

    Nice profits!

  5. Great post that shows everything is not always about the .com and that flippa is a nice marketplace to try and sell some domains.

  6. & & will be next

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