Sells For $18,500 At Sedo (Sold For The 3rd Time In 2 Years) sold for $18,500 at Sedo after it was previously sold for $6,640 at Namejet back in November 2013.

The domain has been auctioned 3 times in the past, selling twice, before being sold at Sedo:

  1. $6640
    Namejet November 2013
  2. $6,200 (Reserve not met)
    Namejet May 2013
  3. $8,293
    Go Daddy December 2012

The domain was bought by Luc-Andre BIGGS (aka Federer) that is a very active .info seller especially at Flippa. It was sold by someone from China. also sold last month for

$7,555 at Namejet and it was bought by company 404 LLC from California. The domain appears to have been sold by Luc-Andre BIGGS. Here is the also interesting sale trail of

  1. $7555
    Namejet July 2014
  2. $9,655 (Reserve not met)
    Namejet May 2013
  3. $12,205
    Go Daddy December 2012

The domains have been behind privacy for most of the time of the past 2 years so I am not entirely sure who owned the domains after Afilias first auctioned the domains back in 2012 and sold them and bought on a couple of sales.

So money was both made and lost during these 2 years. Afilias and the latest seller of made the most.


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