Moniker and Snapnames are down

Both Moniker and Snapnames websites are not responding at the moment.

I was trying to backorder a domain and when that failed I remembered I wanted to renew some of my expiring domains at Moniker. When that didn’t work either I started thinking that my internet connection was down which of course it wasn’t. I then remembered that both Moniker and Snapnames are owned by the same company. DOH!

Moniker and Snapnames are owned by the same company, KeyDrive, that bought both companies from I thought that they were going to try and fix some of the bad reputation that has been building up for the 2 companies but this is certainly not the way to do it. I once had most of my domains at Moniker but now I have there less than 5% of what I once had.


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  1. After a few hours the websites are back up and running.

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