Moniker .ORG Renewals Are Failing

I have tried renewing the same .org domain name at 3 times today within a 6 hour period and all three attempts have failed.

You will not get any indication about the failed order from the subject of the order confirmation email that Moniker sends after an order has been completed. You have to open the email from Moniker or visit the status center at your Moniker control panel to know that a domain renewal has failed.

The error message I get is:
Failed to renew domain in registry. Error code: 2104 – “Billing failure”

I have enough funds in my account to renew 10s of domains but even one .org is failing. Moniker has been having system issues for years now. It seems that the new owners haven’t had the time to fix any of the old issues. KeyDrive acquired Moniker and SnapNames from about a year ago.


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  1. .org renewals are working today.

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