Moniker is back up. Problems remain! (#3)

Moniker is back up after being down for maintenance. I just logged into my account only to find more domains that what I had before. I have now 30 more domains since yesterday and that is not necessarily good. 25 of these domains were transferred out of moniker last month. The good thing is that the 1 domain I was missing is back but I am not sure I can edit it. Control panel displays it differently that the other domains. The other 4 from these 30 domains are expired for months.

I also got an email today with the subject “Urgent attention needed – Renewal”:

You are receiving this email because some of your domain names have entered into the ERRP period as required by ICANN.
Because of the migration of the Moniker system to a the new platform you may have had difficulties expressing your interest to renew those names.
This may have affected the following domain names:
Please note that the migration of all domain names has now been completed and we would like to ask you to review the renewal settings of your domain names and the below listed domain names in particular.
Upon renewal the affected domain names should become active again.

You can access your renewal setting by logging into your account at
Please proceed to “Renew/Delete Domains” on the left side to verify the renewal setting of your portfolio.

Please also verify your accounts payment settings at the page “Payment Options” under the User Profile section on the left hand.

The email lists 10 domains. 3 of them have been transferred out of Moniker and the other 7 I don’t want to renew. I got a renewal invoice about 1 of these 7 domains yesterday. I can now see the invoice of this renewal I never wanted and have paid somehow(?) but non of my older invoices.

Read about all my other problems and comments from other Moniker customers here:

Moniker: let the problems begin! (auto-renew, credit cards, control panel)

Moniker Problems #2 (disappearing domains, wrong whois, invoices, new account ID)

Moniker is closed for maintenance until 9:00 am (EDT)

I have had enough Moniker. When all is working, which is not because there is a notice on the dashboard saying that there is ongoing maintenance, let me know. I can’t waste any more time with you. I just feel sorry for all the people that want to renew or transfer out domains from Moniker.


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  1. My single domain at Moniker will be moved out today.

  2. “My single domain at Moniker will be moved out today”

    Don’t count in it Acro – I only have one there too – tried to move it today and the transfer was rejected because the gaining registrar said it was locked even though Moniker shows it as unlocked.

  3. They cant even display the correct expiration date of a domain. All the dates are off by one day compared to the whois…

  4. very sorry to see moniker in this situation.

    man have they entered in this industry last month with 2 developers ?? how can a company like key-systems does not test its system before making a huge change like this one.

    very very sorry.moniker is dead for me.

  5. Key systems has trashed Moniker, such a shame. I’m out ASAP. Absolute jokers!

  6. They’ve tightened up transfers during the grace period. If you are a couple of days past expiration, they used to would give you the auth code. No more. They ransom the domain now, forcing you to renew it there using their AWFUL invoice system–instead of the more standard shopping cart system.

    The new system makes it harder to get the AUTH code. Unlock doesn’t work half the time, so it’s denied by the registry. Then you have to get the AUTH code again. Sure kids, play games all you want. ALL of my names are coming out of there, one way or another.

    They can’t delete invoices. And neither can you. So if there’s domains in the invoice you don’t want to renew, as soon as you fund your account, those invoices will be processed. They CLAIM you can set a domain to delete and then it won’t renew. But really, I find that hard to believe, given all their other bugs.

    When you call support, they are nice enough. Obviously downtrodden. But nice. But they have no answers. The whole call, they chat over what sounds like ICQ with an “engineer” to answer questions you have, like you know, how to use this convoluted new domain system that no one tested.

  7. Moniker Customer

    I have registered / org and /org

    I hope they get their act together and this doesn’t turn out to be another RegisterFly fiasco in case any of you remember that one. Tens of thousands of name were lost, deleted or vanished. I lost over 300 domains in that mess. Supposedly ICANN has implemented procedures for warehousing whois data so this wouldn’t happen again.

    Just to be on the safe side if anyone out there would like to get involved in getting the word out, with enough interest and assistance (as I am not a blogger) i would consider creating a site and spreading the word. You may email to get on list to:

    Moniker Customer

  8. A bunch of valuable domains aquired via snapnames ages ago still appear in our Moniker account, but Whois suddenly shows a privacy service apparently owned by Networksolutions…not even sure if we still own these domains…OMG

    • Moniker had a small message on their website before the new system saying that some snapnames domains will be moved to Network Solutions.
      But moving them without an email notice containing credentials is just crazy.

  9. We are moving our domains from Moniker as well. We cant transfer our 2 domains, because 2 domains not showing WhoIs Info properly. Not owner email is showing there, we did everything but it is not possible… Moniker is terrible now…

  10. I cant enter our Moniker account. It says:

    To All Moniker Customers,

    This past weekend we launched a completely new Moniker experience which involved the release of an entirely new Moniker website and customer portal. Our goal is to increase the products and services we offer while at the same time maintaining a robust set of tools that enable clients to effectively manage their Web properties in a single place.

    We are aware that our systems were experiencing issues after the transition which resulted in outages affecting customers. Our engineering team is investigating these issues and is working to resolve them as quickly as possible. To ensure a fast recovery of site-wide functionality, we have decided to perform ongoing maintenance.

    As a result, all services accessed through the website interface and API are currently unavailable. All domain services including DNS Hosting, URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding and general usage of domains registered at will remain unaffected. Please excuse any inconvenience this may cause.

    All operations will be resumed at 9:00 am (EDT). As you can imagine, these issues have caused a significant increase in call volume to our support staff and we are working diligently to resolve each and every case. We are working around the clock to resolve your questions and concerns expeditiously.

    Your Team @ Moniker “

  11. Anyone been able to get an EPP code from them ?

    • We were able to get four EPP codes but we are now waiting for the 7 day transfer period to be over.

      Other issues still unresolved include multiple charges for the same renewal, at least 5 domain names sold at snapnames (but they appear to not be delivered to the bidders), domain names with incorrect expiration dates, domain names still missing from our account, no reply from support on when these issues will be resolved, no call back from messages left with support, some domain names were successfully renewed but are still parked on Moniker’s parking pages making them a profit off our traffic, domain names renewed but still showing as expired, and zero records of renewal invoices / transactions in control panel.

      Still a mess. I hope this gets fixed quick and we recover the domain names that we tried to renew but Moniker sold at snapnames.

      • When did these domains sold at snapnames expire?

      • We are going through our list with Moniker’s reps on the phone now. They have now escalated our issue to see if it is “possible” to replace these domain names in our account.

        Each name was within the grace period before the Moniker’s site became unavailable on May 30th before midnight PST.

        Several names appear to have been sold on snapnames. Several others are “in auction”.

        Many of our renewed names continue to be parked on Moniker’s adsense pages where they profit. They also have profited from the sales on snapnames.

        We will see where this leads but if the issues are not addressed it does look like we will need to take appropriate action and ask a Miami district court for relief and damages.

      • Thanks for the update.
        I don’t like the “if” it’s possible.

  12. still can’t renew names. even clicking on names individually I can’t figure out how to renew

  13. name that was transferred to Moniker account during their transition still not showing.
    name that were won at snapnames with whois being moniker but still now showing in account.
    names showing unlocked but failed to transfer because they were still locked
    customer support requests going unanswered

    New registrar suggestions? (not godaddy)

  14. just to let everyone know, any domains in your moniker account that were caught with one of snapnames various registrars, basically anything other than will be moving to networksolutions…not just domains that were caught recently but ANYTHING from years back till now.

    • WTF ?? Who gave you that information ?

      • Adam if you check all my Moniker posts you will find that I mention this.
        There was a notice saying this on the old control panel.

      • there was an annoucement about ‘starting today all domains acquired from snapnames..’ etc but if they meant starting today all domains ever acquired though snapnames, it wasn’t clear enough not to mention here we are two months later and the domains are still not at networksolutions, or at least not manageable or in any customer control panels aside from the domains caught in the last few months. as for a message in the old control panel…i logged in at least once a week and never saw it. an email from moniker would of been nice or something stating that even domains bought in 2007 are now being moved as well (over 2 months later)..

      • Look at here:
        You will see the announcement. I don’t it was there for more than 2 days.

        I don’t say it was clear and I certainly don’t say that it is working.
        All domain transfers should at least be communicated with an email stating the new management udrl, login and username.
        They did nothing. They just made the domains disappear.

      • Yeah I never saw that notice. I did realize some domains moved to networksolutions but in that account there are only 3 domains that were acquired in march/april of this year. so i figured it only effected the domains bought around the change. however i have about 250 domains at least that are still in my moniker account that are moved over yet not manageable anywhere. had more effective communication been made i would of made sure my renewals are up to date instead, some domains are now showing different owners and who knows when these domains will finally be manageable or if they will ever even let us know.

  15. well i started looking up some of my domains whois and they everyone single that that doesn’t list ‘moniker online services’ as the registrar now references ‘’. so i called snapnames support and they confirmed that any domain caught with one of monikers drop catch registrars is now moving to networksolutions. and if you have domains that are expired and have been sold off, i was told your out of luck. even if your domain is more than a couple weeks expired, you’re out of luck, so they say as they don’t give a 35 day grace period like moniker did. i told them they need to step up and fix that but just talking to some rep won’t fix that. i renewed some of these domains with moniker and they aren’t even with them! its no wonder i couldn’t unlock them or get auth codes. i asked why no one was told about this and the snapnames guy said, it was unexpected…

    • oh yeah, i am going through my domains at moniker and 90% have these snapnames registrars…i guess its an easy way to get transferred out of moniker…

  16. For me, the issues keep mounting. Today all of my domains show auto renew and I never changed anything. My transfers are failing. The names were not acquired through snapnames and show as unlocked in my account. I have done all of the tricks others have stated they have done to unlock names and still the transfer fails. No refunds for the renewals processed for names turned off. The number of domains in my account changes. Today one more than yesterday. Names that expired long ago now show up in my account. Support has replied to a couple of the tickets, but they are not including the original message so it is making it difficult. This has taken so much of my time and energy. Literally exhausting. And there does not seem to be an end.

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