The domain that is in auction at Namejet has some history

The domain is in a private auction at Namejet. was registered in 1995 and is currently with Enom. This is one of those rare domains that could have a million usages.

There are 211 bidders in the auction and the bid is already at $2,550 with 1 day and 8 hours remaining. How much do you think the winning bid would be?

The domain has a quite strange history. Whois history at Domain Tools shows that the domain was owned by a US company until it expired in 2009 (it had a Pending Renewal or Deletion status) and was auctioned off. It was then parked at Sedo where it sold for $9,999 in January 2011. The current auction has no Namejet Reserve so this means that the buyer transfered it from Network Solutions to Enom and didn’t renew the domain. The domain was still showing Sedo LLC as the owner before it expired. is parked and displays a survey. is owned by The University of Texas System and has one of the oldest registration dates I have seen: 1988. The domain hosts the Texas Higher Education Network (THEnet) that is a subscriber organization that provides Internet access to education, research and health care institutions in Texas. Their website claims that this network is active since 1986 so it is possible that dropped in 1988 and they registered it again. It was not like someone would grab it in 1988! and weren’t registered until 1997 and 1995 respectively.

All that while is at $17,005 at GoDaddy Auctions with about 5 days left.


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  1. was auction as expired on NameJet in 2009-09-11 for $2,700

    the seller auctioned it on Sedo for $9,999 in 2009-12-10. a nice ROI.

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