Election.com sells for $65,100 at a Namejet auction

The domain name Election.com was sold for $65,100 in a public auction at Namejet. There were  323 bidders in the auction. There was no reserve.

Estibot.com valued the domain at $142,000.

The domain was registered in 1995 and was auctioned off by

it’s owner New Ventures Services Corp. (A few years back the domain was being redirected to accenture.com)

Elections.com registered in 1999 is parked at domainsponsor.com.

I run a poll for about 2 days on how much the domain would be sold. The top 2 choices were $50k-$75k with 27% and $75k-$100k with 25%.


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  1. I admit I got wrong. However, I feel this was steal for the new buyer.

  2. *

    New Ventures Services, Corp is owned by Web.com, who also owns Network Solutions, and Register.com.

    New Ventures Services is known for snapping up expired domains, some of them only days expired and then extorting money from owners and then not following through on their sales, instead telling buyers that their payment is an opening bid at an upcoming auction.

    In one 2013 case, a domain was sold on Sedo for XXXX. The buyer was “instructed” by the seller to transfer the domain to Net Sol. The domain was “accidentally” transferred to a New Ventures Services account, where, as far as I know, the domain is still there. Funny about that.

    They warehouse domains on behalf of Register.com and Net Sol and then deny the connection. However, it’s not too difficult to connect the dots.

    All you have to do is follow the money and the story across the web.

    I’m currently researching this story…


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