Dynadot becomes an Afternic DLS Premium partner

Dynadot is now live as an Afternic DLS Premium partner.

Here is the email that I received from Afternic:

DynaDot is now live as an Afternic DLS Premium partner! Because you have domains listed for sale on Afternic that are registered with Dynadot we have some good news for you: You can dramatically increase sales of your domains on Afternic by upgrading your domains to the DLS Premium network.

Enjoy these benefits by listing your DynaDot registered domains via the DLS Premium network:
Unmatched Reach: Promote your names to 75 million+ prospective buyers monthly
Increased Sales Velocity: Sell more domains faster, at the industry’s highest prices
Unique “Instant Transfer” Capability: Provides buyers with immediate access to the domain, eliminates the escrow process, and delivers funds to you quicker

These are good news for anyone that has domain name registered with Dynadot and also have the domain names listed at Afternic with Buy It Now prices. Most of my domains are not priced so I don’t think I will be joining in. Especially since I don’t have much luck selling domains at Afternic.


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