GoDaddy launches new WooCommerce extensions for managed wordPress ecommerce hosting

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) today announced a plugin bundle expansion for its Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers, featuring free access to a library of over 75 premium WooCommerce extensions. The new extensions come from GoDaddy’s recent acquisition of SkyVerge, a leading WooCommerce product developer.

The new extensions, combined with a vast library of WordPress plugins and themes, give web designers and developers greater flexibility and infinite possibility to create fully featured and customized WooCommerce stores for their clients. The extensions increase the value of GoDaddy’s WooCommerce plugins from $3,000 to nearly $6,000 worth of premium extensions -available for free for GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers. New plugins include the ability to accept payments from multiple processors, improvements to product reviews, social login integrations, Google Analytics Pro and Memberships, new digital or printable gift card offerings, and more.

“The additional premium WooCommerce extensions make it so much easier for me to build fully customizable and powerful Ecommerce stores for my clients,” said GoDaddy customer Phaedra Poliquin, co-creator of “This type of functionality would have easily cost hundreds or even thousands annually, allowing me to save money, grow my business, and dedicate my time to helping my clients make the most out of their online stores.”

GoDaddy is also introducing a new seamless experience and site construction flow for Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers to quickly build powerful online stores for their clients. Website designers and developers can now get their clients’ online stores up and running in fewer steps. The plan includes a new built-in support dashboard, daily backups with one-click restore and daily malware scans and repair, including security activity auditing, remote malware scanning, and security notifications with guaranteed clean-up of any malware found on a client’s site.

“As more businesses move online, it is important for website designers and developers to have the right tools in place to create impactful online stores for their clients,” said Patrick Pulvermuller, President of Partners Business at GoDaddy. “With this launch, we’re thrilled to offer our customers even more functionality with WooCommerce, the world’s most popular open-source ECommerce solution, along with the strength and versatility of WordPress which powers over one third of websites online today.”

To provide the best and tailored experience for GoDaddy Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers, GoDaddy is also launching a new support message center directly into the WordPress platform to centralize support and care. Customers can now get in touch with expert WordPress and WooCommerce GoDaddy specialists to address any questions any time.

Learn more about GoDaddy Managed WordPress Ecommerce here.


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  1. Oh Dear

    I thought this blog was about domains and domain investing, not a platform for GoDaddy to advertise.

    Why would a Domain investor give a shit about WooCommerce extensions for managed wordPress e-commerce hosting?

    It was bad enough when you were brown nosing Dan but at least it was relevant to domainers.

    Just because GoDaddy auction domains does not mean we care about what other rip off services they do (everything they do is a rip off and always has been).

    I really hope that pages on this site are not for sale as a means of promotion to your list?

    I do not subscribe to many blogs, you usually offer relevant and inciteful comment on things domainers would or should be interested in.

    If this carries on then expect your list to get unscubscribed

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    Feb 24, 2021, 09:00 ET

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